So, you’ve just moved to paradise and you’ve learned about a new season involving tropical storms.

It’s not a ploy to get you to buy shutters or supplies. Hurricanes are real, scary, nasty freaks of nature.

Here are a few tips to get you through this season:

Pay attention to the news

You’ll learn if one of these freaks of nature with human names is trying to move into your neighborhood. Also pay attention to any evacuation orders or other advice from emergency management officials.

Keep food supplies on hand

Each time you go to the grocery store, pick up an extra case of water or an extra can of vegetables (take advantage of two-for-one deals). This will help you be well-stocked when a storm approaches. Other helpful supplies include garbage bags, paper landscaping bags, plastic/rubber gloves, first aid kit (you’ll be surprised how many times you cut/scrape yourself), bleach, paper towels and cleaning wipes.

Protect you home

Invest in shutters or storm windows.

Do your laundry

If a storm hits, you could be left without electricity for several days and loads of dirty clothes.

Fill the bathtub right before a storm hits

You might need the water to help flush your toilet (fill a one-gallon bucket and pour it into the toilet to flush it).

Take empty two-liter bottles and fill them with water

Put those in your freezer. It will help keep your food frozen longer.

Have plenty of flashlights

Also, bring in some of those outdoor solar lights to help illuminate the inside of your house.

Invest in mosquito repellent and sunscreen

After the storm, your screens may be gone and you may be without electricity so your windows will be open for whatever breeze is available. That means mosquitoes will be your new guests. You’ll also be outside more so be sure to wear sunscreen and a hat.

Be prepared for other visitors

Snakes, rats, ants and other vermin will be displaced from their usual habitat and may try to share yours.

Don’t go swimming or surfing in the Gulf

After the storm there likely will be dangerous rip tide currents.

Put a few cans of tire sealant in your car

The roads may be littered with nails, glass and other sharp items for months.


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