Hilda Ann Fink

Hilda Ann “Chickie” Fink

If one saw Chickie Fink heading in their direction, it was already too late to get away.

The longtime member of the Port Charlotte High athletic department spent her working days in purposeful, perpetual motion. And just about every day was a working day.

Hilda Ann “Chickie” Fink, 87, passed away on June 30.

Fink came to Port Charlotte High in its earliest days and was a fixture in its hallways, on its athletic fields and at the other end of a fundraising phone call for several decades, into the early 2000s.

“She was always a part of the school in some way or another,” said PCHS athletic director Bob Bruglio, who recalled Fink roaming the halls during his own school days. “Ever since the school opened, she was always a big supporter, always out pushing for the school, trying to do everything she could to help it go.”

Thanks to a line drawn on a map, Fink’s own children attended rival Charlotte High.

“She was just one of those ladies that didn’t take ‘no’ for an answer and if you saw her coming, that was it. It was over,” Bruglio said. “You were doing something. Whatever she wanted you to do, you were going to do it, especially if you knew her, because you knew what an amazing lady she was and everything she would do to help out anyone.”

Fink was instrumental, along with Bruglio’s mother, in establishing the school’s athletic booster club.

“If there were dinners that needed to be done, she made sure they got that done,” Bruglio said. “She was just one of those ladies that, whatever you needed, just call and she’d figure out a way to get it done.”

Fink twice battled cancer, and eventually moved to Franklin, Tennessee, in the years following the passing of her husband of 34 years, Walter, in 2002.

A memorial service will be held from 2- 4 p.m. on Friday at St. Maximilian Kolbe Catholic Church in Port Charlotte.

“She was awesome. She was like everybody’s mom,” Bruglio said. “Took care of everybody, checked on them, made sure they were doing right. If you weren’t she’d straighten you up.”


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