Teen Court

Among those involved in a recent donation to Teen Court include Monica Neligon, Heather Todd, Sharon Kenworthy, Lori Moran, Glenda Guthrie and Pat Goldwater.

SARASOTA - Teen Court of Sarasota recently received a $15,000 donation from Personalized Estate Liquidation Benefiting Youth, Inc.

The gift will assist Teen Court with services, it said in a news release. 

"This generous donation from PEL will ensure that necessary services will continue at a time that clients and their families need Teen Court most," the agency said in a news release. "The pandemic has caused an increase in anxiety, stress, depression and suicides among teens. Teen Court clients have required additional mental health counseling sessions, increased groups for Mindfulness and Emotion Regulation and personal guidance and support during these difficult times."

Youth referred to Teen Court by authorities or parents can receive services, it said in the news release. It said "families learn the tools to have open communication with their children and participants learn coping mechanisms which equals success."

The grant helps keep the services free to families.

“Support from PEL means that as we see a need, we are able to implement quality services that benefit the students we serve at Teen Court," Teen Court Executive Director Heather Todd said. "It takes a village to raise a child and we are so thankful that PEL is part of our village.”

The news release notes Teen Court has a 94% success rate.

For more information on Personalized Estate Liquidation Benefiting Youth, Inc., visit www.personalizedestateliquidation.

For more information about Teen Court of Sarasota, visit www.sarasotateencourt.org.


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