SOUTH VENICE — Customers flocked Wednesday to opening day of Aldi in Jacaranda Plaza.

The new store features wide aisles and floor signs which show the correct way to walk down the aisles to keep the flow of customers safe during the pandemic.

“We’re new to the city and we are more than ready to serve and support our community,” Aldi’s website stated. “We’ve got fresh produce and everyday essentials at the low prices you need,”

While there was no big grand opening event due to the pandemic, cars still filled the parking lot.

One customer, Elise Carey, of Venice, said this Aldi looked similar to the one in Nokomis, which she used to visit.

“This Aldi is a lot closer so I will come here a lot more often,” Casey said.

Since Casey lives on the island of Venice, she said the new Aldi is a good alternative then going to the Publix on the island all of the time.

People were going up and down the aisles seeing what the new Aldi has to offer.

However, not everything was in stock for opening day. At the entrance of the store, a sign said beer and wine will be coming soon.

While the store has the space laid out for the beer and wine section, the shelves were still empty.

Despite that minor set back, customers still enjoyed opening day.

Tammi Duncan, of North Venice, said Aldi is her favorite grocery store and the main store she shops with. She moved to Venice a year ago and was traveling to the one in Nokomis for her grocery needs.

“This Aldi is super convenient, so I am very excited it is now here,” Duncan said.


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