Starting Monday two successful pizzerias will be operating from one location providing their established gourmet and authentic Italian menus. Caffé Panini and New York Pizza Café will be offering all the food and services under one roof at 765 U.S. 41 Bypass across from Wee Blew Inn Restaurant.

Owners AnnaMarie and Nick DePaolis proudly believe their services are best described as Caffé Panini Pizzeria is where the gourmet eats by choice, not by chance and New York Pizza Café is the home of the fresh mozzarella.

Born in Brooklyn, NY she worked as a medical biller for 4 years before meeting her husband and then joined him in the pizzeria business. For 3 years they had a pizzeria on Staten Island until 2010 when they moved to Venice. He worked at Cassariano’s until 6 years ago opening Caffé Panini on W. Venice Avenue.

They acquired New York Pizza Café at 765 U.S.41 18 months ago and have been operating it with Caffé Panini on the island. Starting the first week in December they are combining both restaurants under one roof, but retaining the individual menus providing the variety of typical New York style pizzerias.

From Caffé Panini they have brought the more gourmet Italian menu. Nick DePaolis continues making their own style fresh dough every morning which diners have enjoyed for the past six years. Having moved their authentic Italian eatery, they will serve homemade fresh and flavorful Italian cuisine prepared daily.

The entire Panini menu is more rustic Italian with Sicilian thick crusted pizzas, Grandma’s pizza’s, Calzones large rolls and cold subs. New to the location they will offer dinners of antipasti, zuppes, insalate, a children’s menu, panini, gourmet pizzas, primi pasta and secondi entrees. Deserts are homemade cannoli, tiramisu and cheesecake.

New York Café regular customers continue to enjoy their menu. There is limited seating, but the DePaolis’s plan to increase it in the future.

Take-out and call-in pick-up services continue together with their own delivery services to Osprey, all the Venice area and south to West Villages.

Serving soft drinks, they have plans in the future to offer beer and wine.

Caffe Panini New York Pizza Café at 765 US 41 Bypass is open 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. Mondays to Saturdays, call 941-451-8362 and 941-375-3517.


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