The new team at Ciao Bella Salon & Boutique in South Venice is (from left) stylist Brandy Lukyanov and Blaine Benson; owner Karen Sheppard with stylists Joe Zottola and Olivia Crowley.

It’s celebration and partying season when many are looking for an elegant updo, balayage or party hair styling and professional stylist Karen Sheppard has returned. Complete with a new Ciao Bella Salon & Boutique and a new team of specialized stylists who cater to all age groups.

She is accompanied by stylists Brandy Lukyanov, Joe Zottola, Olivia Crowley and Blaine Benson.

The salon is located at 2161 S. Tamiami Trail next to Pearle Vision in Independence Plaza across from Bank of America in South Venice.

“Following a year and half hiatus I felt the need to return to styling and rejuvenate my business,” said Sheppard. “This team shines and we are going to put the sparkle back into clients’ lives from edgy to elegance.”

In the 1,100 square feet elegant comfortable salon there are 7 stations. On arrival clients can relax and enjoy a cup of coffee or a glass of wine before having their hair styled. Catering to women, men and children services include cutting, coloring, balayage, keratin smoothing, perms, color corrections, shampooing and more.

A diverse group the stylists can cater to anyone’s needs, the natural look or the full make-up. For men they do all the latest in hair styles including tailored face, fading’s, tapered short to long and shaving heads.

For special occasions from weddings to photography the team offers hairstyling, curling and individual wedding hair designs. They offer hair and make-up for a special night out with dramatic eyes or subtler for a lady’s night out or a prom.

For the individual balayage service in an artistic way they will paint in the highlights to recreate what the sun naturally does to hair, optionally with fashion colors in pink, purple and rainbow effects.

“We will accommodate anyone for the hours they want to come in for anything they want to do for parties,” said Sheppard. “We can set-up for a whole bridal party, wedding complete with champagne.”

Each month a specialist comes to do skin rejuvenation, Botox and fillers, removing the wrinkles. Facial and body waxing is available. Lukyanov came to Venice from Texas and Washington state training in make-up, balayage and specialist styling treatments. Zottola’s career began in Pittsburgh, Penn., owning his own salon then trained extensively in London, England, and in Italy and has styled hair for more than 30 years.

Crowley and Benson have trained and worked in this area. All the team have been trained in the latest trends. Sheppard has been in the business for 35 years, owned salons in the area and is well-trained in making people look fabulous.

“We like to show people their own kind of beautiful because in this day and age they look at magazines and expect to look that way,” she said. “It is showing people their beauty, how they should shine, not the way society makes them.”

Ciao Bella Salon & Boutiqueis open Mondays to Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Tuesdays and Thursdays late till 7 p.m. by appointment; call 941-220-7112.


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