Emmanuel Boichut owner of Down Island Way Boutique pictured wearing his ‘ugly sweater’ to challenge others to come out for Miami Avenue Ugly Sweater Party to find who wears the ugliest sweater.

It is getting a little cooler and people are wearing their sweaters with the Christmas theme. Next week the shops and restaurants on Miami Avenue are organizing the first Ugly Sweater Party.

They want everyone to sort through their closets, find competitive ugly sweaters, wear them and join the party. It takes place on Wednesday Dec. 19 from 2 to 6 p.m. or longer.

“If we have people in here, we will not close the door,” said Emmanuel Boichut who came up with the idea, and with his wife Shauna own Down Island Way Boutique at 225 W. Miami Ave.

Having delved into his closet he found a sweater, put it on in the store and a colleague described it, “Oh, that really is an ugly sweater.” He intends on wearing it for the party and challenges visitors and residents to wear even uglier sweaters.

Partying on Miami Avenue, customers can go from store to store and the restaurants where they may have some special cookies. Down Island Way Boutique will have warm rum punch and cookies.

Along the avenue participating restaurants and shops will be Cafe Longet; Crate & Marrow; Parlor Barbour-shop & Café: Chez la Femme; Burgundy Square Café; Venice Trading Co; Bodrum’s restaurant; Earth Treasure; Creative Nails; Abby’s on Miami, Creative Nails & Beyond Salon and Down Island Way Boutique.

Boichut recalled they were updating their image At Down Island Way Boutique and he was considering a celebration party. Then decided he should share the idea with merchants and business owners on the avenue and they agreed to all do it together.

“Wear an ugly sweater, take pictures and post them, and we will reward the wearers of the ugliest ones in our store,” he said. “When people come here to party, they can enjoy the rum and cookies.”

We and other merchants have been very thankful, he said that during this whole construction a lot of people are making the effort to come and shop during the daytime, and in the evening come for the restaurants.

Wearing the ugliest sweaters is a spontaneous event where people can come and may be pick-up a little gift to fill up the Christmas stockings.

Boichut will be wearing his ugly sweater and looking for somebody who has an even uglier garment.


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