Standing on the property along Jacaranda Boulevard near Culvers is from the left Lance O’Fallon who will be managing the Lightning Express Car Wash with owners Richard Bond and Compton Cramer.

The former owners of Cramer Toyota and Cramer Honda, Compton Cramer and Richard Bond are returning to Venice, with Lance O’Fallon who will manage their latest new venture. It is their first location for Lightning Express Car Wash on a 1.25 acres lot along Jacaranda Boulevard, and Times Circle next to Culvers and Wawa.

They will build a full-service express car wash incorporating state of art technology to clean, wax, shine the tires and completely dry the vehicle. Drivers stay in their vehicles for 3 to 5 minutes complete job from pulling in, paying at a computerized kiosk then driving through the 125 feet tunnel completing the wash and leaving or using other facilities onsite.

Using computerized equipment and sonar it will identify each vehicle make and model as it enters the tunnel ensuring the brushes go all around vehicle and fit to it perfectly. Car wash manufacturers of that equipment are addressing everything with sonar, mapping the cars down to a science.

“Attractive incentives to use this car wash including paying by cash or credit card to purchase one wash at less than $5, to four levels of wash from bronze to platinum,” said Cramer. “I expect the most popular will be the unlimited monthly washes starting under $20 and the Snowbird Special providing unlimited washes for the season.”

For the driver wanting to do more to their car there will be free vacuums, two floor mat washes where the mat can be run through a machine for cleaning with water and then through a powerful dryer. Drivers can use a high-pressure air to blow water out of the crevices of the car.

“There will be 19 vacuuming spaces including a handicapped spot, and our team will certainly assist anyone needing help,” he said. “Each do it yourself servicing space will be 14 feet wide to accommodate larger SUV’s, vans and pick-ups with open doors.

They hope to break ground in September as soon as the final permits have been approved and start construction. The projected opening will by the end of the first quarter of 2020. It is anticipated they will hire 10 to 15 people, all local and offer benefits.

“As the former owners of Cramer Toyota and Cramer Honda we are extremely excited to be back in Venice, having served it for more than 25 years,” said Cramer. “Our roots are here and these are really the people we look forward to using these services, our customers and friends.”


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