FourThought Institutions, a division dedicated to meeting the investment and retirement plan needs of businesses and nonprofit organ-izations is the latest service to be launched by Pinkerton, Harkins & Mehserle Private Wealth.

This 50-year-old wealth manage-ment firm recently moved offices to 310 West Venice Avenue, Suite 201 on the island of Venice. This new service is for businesses wishing to design or better manage their retirement plans.

FourThought offers consulting services including the development of investment policy statements, ERISA compliance reviews, plan designs and reviews, and fund manager selection.

“We recognized a growing need for services that help businesses and nonprofits manage their retirement plans and institutional investments effectively,” said Scott Pinkerton, managing partner of Pinkerton Private Wealth. “With tight personnel budgets, complexity in the markets and evolving Department of Labor and ERISA regulations, it has become increasingly difficult to be a good fiduciary and responsible steward of one’s assets. Our goal for our institutional clients is to help fill that void.”

Patrick Baumann, CFA leads the FourThought Institutions. He is the former corporate treasurer for Harris Corporation. At the $20B global technology company and defense contractor, Baumann designed and oversaw a robust defined contribution plan and other retirement programs including executive compensation plans. He was also responsible for capital markets, foreign exchange, funding and liquidity.

Partnering with record keepers and third-party administrators, FourThought facilitates employee enrollment and focuses heavily on financial education for participants. For businesses and nonprofits, it also offers investment management, fiduciary oversight and an outsource chief investment officer service. For details call Patrick Baumann at 941-408-8557.


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