Chris Eaton has opened his Apex Insurance Group at 211 Nokomis Ave. in the Roberts Insurance building.


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With the primary focus to assist 64-year old’s enrolling in Medicare within the next 6 months, Chris Eaton has opened Apex Insurance Group at 211 Nokomis Ave. in the Roberts Insurance building across from the SunTrust bank.

His goal is to talk with them about the entire Medicare process making it instantly easier to understand. In addition, he has written “The Medicare Enrollment Guide” available free at his office and from Within its 64 pages is almost everything needed to know when enrolling in Medicare.

Having worked since 2013 with James Ball Insurance, specifically focusing solely on health insurance he purchased that aspect only from Ball’s business. James Ball’s Medallion Financial Resources continues as normal in a neighboring office. Eaton then set out on his own recently creating Apex.

“For more than 5 years it has been my primary focus branding myself to become the Medicare and health insurance expert,” he said. “I am all about knowledge and educating clients to put them into a beneficial specific product. By using calculators online, I locate the products which are best for them.”

“It is important to be aware Medicare only pays 80 percent of healthcare,” he continued. “Without additional insurance the individual is responsible for whatever the bill may be. For example, an open-heart surgery at $300,000 would require them paying $60,000.”

Avoiding such problems, Eaton recommends taking an additional plan which can include dental, vision, hearing and prescription medication. Based upon the requirements he shows and discusses variations offering the best plan to meet the needs.

“If they are 64 years old and purchase the Affordable Care Act, they are going to pay more than $1,000 monthly for their health insurance,” said Eaton. “I have a product to reduce that by about 50 percent.”

Apex Insurance Group is open 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. weekdays. For more information, call 941-221-9368.


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