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Michael Hartley

Assisting family business owners and family wealth clients is a specialty of local resident Michael T. Hartley, Chairman of Dale K. Ehrhart, Inc. (DKE) a family wealth management firm at 100 West Venice Avenue. As Chief Executive Officer and Comprehensive Wealth Counsel he was recently honored at the 2018 FFI Global Conference in London, England.

Recognized for Outstanding Achievements he received the Advanced Certificate in Family Wealth Advising (ACFWA) and he was honored as a fellow of the Family Firm Institute. An international professional membership organization it has more than 1800 individuals and organizations across 88 countries.

A member of Family Firm Institute’s Global Education Network for more than 10 years Hartley was professionally recognized in receiving the distinguished certificates having completed an advanced study program.

Those certificates are presented to individuals who have achieved comprehensive professional knowledge and gained significant expertise to be used as value to family business owners and family wealth clients. This distinction further ensures that the highest standards in professional best practices will be implemented.

“I attend the conference annually, it alternates between London and various U.S. cities.” Hartley said, “Having taught for the FFI and then becoming a fellow of the institute was a very proud moment. Recently when at home my wife and I have consumed a lot of time as the co-founders of the Venice Institute for Performing Arts which is our combined passion.”

Hartley has been involved with charitable and civic organizations in the Venice area since the late 1970s, including as a president of South County Family YMCA Board during 18 years. A president of Village on the Isle Board for 13 years, City of Venice Planning Commission Chairperson, Gulf Coast Community Foundation Board member and he is Board president of the Venice Institute for Performing Arts.


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