Holding samples of a bull bone and a dried fish, both doggy delights is Sean Julian co-owner of the new pet care store Crate & Marrow on Miami Avenue.

In the past, people shopped at those small mom and pop stores where choices were limited, but the owners experience enabled them to provide personal, professional, knowledge from their experience.

Sean Julian and Karen Quillen owners of 4 dogs with 19 years’ experience in dog training and care have opened their second Crate & Marrow, located at 235 W. Miami Avenue.

Growing up in Peterborough, NH he graduated college with a Bachelors in English. Working as a counselor for a local mental health agency for 7 years, they met and moved to Charlottesville, VA joining a similar agency.

Transitioning they became dog trainers opening a Doggy Day Care Training Center which they operated for 18 years. In addition, four years ago, they went into retailing opening their first Crate & Marrow store in Charlottesville.

In 2018 they moved to Venice, because the city appealed to them. Looking around they found there was no store similar to their own. Locating the space they opened their second Crate & Marrow. Quillen had the name based upon a dog originally being from a crate and a marrow bone enjoyed by dogs.

Their store has only products for dogs and cats with food, treats, toys, cleaning needs, shampoo, floor cleaner, collar harnesses and basically all the accessories needed.

Most items sold are all natural and organic and the owners make their own cookie treats with organic peanut butter or shark cartilage with olive oil and coconut flour with bacon bits. They have found dogs love the dehydrated chicken feet from a farm in Virginia.

A display of Roam products, from Cape town, South Africa has chews containing ostrich and crocodile jerky meat and bones, long lasting and chewy for a dog.

“We believe in using every possible part of the animal including bully stick chewie’s,” he said. “We will be carrying raw dog and cat food with vegetables in frozen patties. It is the healthiest way to feed a dog.”

Happy Howie’s Doggies Deli meat treats are organic rawhides with pineapple, and part of the no-hide chews selection. Pawsicles on a no-hide stick with flavored yogurt, bacon bits and peanut butter are a dog’s delight.

Dog and cat owners are invited to come in to evaluate a selection of remedies for dogs ranging from allergies to skin care, joint pain and anxiety. There is a selection of shampoos and CB oil to treat pain in dogs and cats.

“We want to do our absolute best to have their pets be healthier and better,” he said.

Crate & Marrow is open 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. Mondays to Saturdays. For more information, call 941-218-6770.


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