SOUTH VENICE — The days of the chore of cleaning the family vehicle seem to have passed being replaced by a new breed of express washes.

The latest is Tommy’s Express Car Wash, at 1758 S Tamiami Trail, targeted to open in mid-December.

Heralding a new era from the coin operated drive thru wash at a gas station, this new contactless, auto-license plate recognition access at inexpensive rates includes new club membership programs.

“Tommy’s Express guests are able to get a car wash in 3 minutes or less, but by no means is the process rushed,” said Carrie Caldwell, of Franchise Marketing at Tommy’s Express. “Wash quality is our No. 1 priority so we give you everything you need to keep your vehicle clean on the inside and out.”

It will also include vacuums and mat washers for those who want to use them.

“Detail kits are available for purchase and a menu of wash packages give flexibility to only pay for the services you want,” she said.

Drivers stay in the vehicle at all times during the wash and the equipment is able to accommodate tires on big trucks. The wide-open wash tunnel creates a non-claustrophic wash experience. Low energy use and reclaimed water make it better for the planet.

Tommy Club members skip the line as their vehicle pulling up is automatically matched to the user account. Payments are completed with saved credit card information.

With Tommy’s Express Car Washes stretching from Tampa to Fort Myers, club members can go from location to location without having to pay extra. Memberships travel with them, not being exclusive to one site.

“We plan to hire 25 local people to operate it from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. every day,” said Jeremy Eickman, franchisee owner. “The tunnel is 130 feet long and has a 94 feet belt conveying the vehicles. A basic single car wash costs $8, even better value are the club membership options and with less expense provide multiple visits.”

In 1969, Jun and Sonny Essenburg launched the first Quality Car Wash with a dual rollover system, in Holland, Michigan. In 2016, the Tommy’s Express Car Wash Franchise is inaugurated as the sister car wash company.


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