SARASOTA — A Nokomis man drove through a crash site at up to 100 mph and then refused to give authorities much information when they pulled him over late Sunday along Tamiami Trail, authorities said.

Joshua Y. Gaukhman, 24, 400 block of Hanchey Drive, Nokomis, faces six counts of aggravated assault on officer/firefighter/EMT along with initial charges of possession of cocaine; drug equipment possession and/or use, and DUI.

The incident began about 10:41 p.m. Sunday at Tamiami Trail and Brueckner Drive in Sarasota, according to police records.

According to the probable cause affidavit, officers were already at the scene of a “serious crash” on Tamiami Trail that had knocked down a power line.

That’s when, they say, Gaukhman drove a BMW with a vanity plate “THEBMW” at a high rate of speed around “a barricade of cones and marked patrol vehicle with lights activated.”

“The vehicle accelerated to an estimated 95-100 miles per hour in a posted 45 mile per hour zone,” it said, driving past four cars and four more police vehicles with lights activated.

Authorities were able to get his BMW stopped at Tamiami and Brueckner and a “baggie of white powder (tested positive for cocaine) was in plain view on the center console,” the document said.

After being placed Gaukhman in the back of a patrol vehicle, he had difficulty understanding questions, authorities said.

“The defendant would continually grunt and make sexually suggestive noises at me while I was speaking with him,” it said.

About midnight, when he was informed about the different charges and Miranda Rights were read, Gaukhman became “extremely sarcastic,” the probable cause affidavit states.

“This is how we’re doing this?” he said, according to the report.

After being read the rights, Gaukhman was asked if he understood his rights, then stayed quiet for 17 seconds.

“I asked him again if he understood his rights and asked him if he had any questions about his rights,” the probable cause affidavit stated. “The defendant, in a highly sarcastic tone of voice, stated ‘I thought you wanted me to remain silent.’”

The probable cause affidavit states Gaukhman, given the option to talk to an officer, said: “I kind of want to talk to a girl.” Told that wasn’t his option, he began “groaning and grunting ‘yeah’ while staring at me.” He then said he would talk to the officer “for now.”

The report states that Gaukhman told authorities said he was leaving his house and going to the Ritz-Carlton.

“I have business to do,” he said.

Authorities noted he was only wearing “an undershirt, boxer-briefs and one sock.”

Gaukhman admitted to seeing the police lights and wanted to know why they were in the road. Asked why he went around them, he responded: “Around what?”

“Around the police lights,” the officer asked.

“Uhhhhh … because,” he said, and then laughed when asked about seeing the police officers at the scene.

He responded when the question was repeated.

“Of course I saw the officers,” he said, although he couldn’t answer the question and that he did not know, according to the probable cause affidavit.

He said he hadn’t had anything to drink nor had he taken medications, drugs, nor the cocaine in his car. He became agitated at the Sarasota County Jail as a DUI investigation was taking place, according to the probable cause affidavit.

Gaukhman has a previous arrest for reckless driving, in 2014, also in the BMW with THEBMW license plate.

His arraignment is April 9. As of Monday evening, he has no bond available.


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