VENICE — The next-to-the-last City Council meeting of the year was also one of the longest, as the Venice City Council members waded through land-use matter after land-use matter.

The first one was a proposed ordinance regarding one of the Hurt properties in North Venice, north of the Triple Diamond Commerce Plaza.

The applicants asked the city to amend the comprehensive plan to create a new Mixed-Use Transitional future land-use designation and apply it to their two parcels, which total 214 acres.

Development Services Director Jeff Shrum offered an apology of sorts to Brian Kelly, attending his first meeting as a Council member.

“This is probably not the easiest one to start off with,” he said.

The applicant came up with the MUT designation, attorney Jeff Boone said, because although they have no plans for development, they want maximum flexibility for the future.

The city’s existing mixed-use designations had restrictions on uses that the specially crafted MUT designation doesn’t.

But that was a problem for Council Member Rich Cautero, because one of the proposed uses is industrial development. Allowing it near housing, which would also be permitted, would be asking for trouble, he said, based on the complaints he hears.

“I’m not a fan of residences adjacent to any industrial area,” he said.

Boone pointed out the comp plan calls for adding space for industrial uses, adding that redeveloping the Seaboard industrial area, which has no stormwater system to filter runoff to the Gulf, depends on having a place to relocate the businesses that are there.

The Council voted 4-3 to approve the ordinance on first reading, and then voted unanimously, also on first reading, to rezone the northern parcel to Residential, Multi-Family 2 and the southern parcel to Commercial, General.

It would take a special exception to authorize any industrial development, and the applicant agreed that it would only be permitted south of Salt Creek, which is south of the property line, adjacent to Triple Diamond.

The Council also approved on first reading a Commercial, General designation for another Hurt property, north of Laurel Nokomis School.

Other business

Also on Tuesday the Council:

• Approved on first reading an ordinance that would allow town homes in the Fiore subdivision of Milano and adopted a preliminary plat for a 126-unit town home development.

• Approved a preliminary plat for a 228-unit development in the SJMR planned unit development south of Laurel Road.

• Approved an amendment to the joint planning agreement with Sarasota County.

• Authorized a $19 million bond issue to refund all the city’s outstanding utility bonds and issue new ones to take advantage of lower interest rates.

• Adopted an ordinance putting the property at 613 W. Venice Ave. on the city’s local register of historic places.

• Adopted an ordinance requiring the temporary coverings of nonresidential windows in closed or abandoned commercial properties.

• Approved a budget amendment.

• Adopted an ordinance revising the rules of procedure for meetings.

• Voted to consider a resolution opposing the establishment of a finfish aquaculture farm in the eastern Gulf of Mexico.

• Approved workers compensation settlements with former employees Lance Bursler and John Majka.

• Elected Rich Cautero vice mayor.

• Approved liaison appointments.

• Appointed or reappointed 15 people to various city boards.

The video of the meeting is at under the “Meetings” header.

The Council won’t meet again until Dec. 8, which will be the last meeting of the year.


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