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A survey until Feb. 28 lauched by Sarasota County, is an effort to gauge the public’s interest in a mental health district and potential tax rate that would fund the district’s budget.

Sarasota County has launched an online survey to gather public feedback regarding a proposed mental healthcare special district.

The survey, which is open until Feb. 28, is an effort to gauge the public’s interest in the district and potential tax millage rate that would fund the district’s budget.

Services being considered for the proposed district could include providing and maintaining mental health facilities; caring for the mental health of indigent citizens; and funding partner agencies that provide mental health services.

Services may include prevention, intervention, treatment, crisis and supportive services for individuals with a mental health disorder.

The proposed district could also participate in state and federally funded mental healthcare programs.

If the County Commission approves putting the special district before voters, the item would appear on the November 2020 General Election ballot. If adopted by voters, the proposed district would be governed by the County Commission.

The survey can be found at

For more information, call the Sarasota County Contact Center at 941-861-5000 or visit


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