VENICE — Sarasota County hasn’t had to deal with the volume of COVID-19 cases that some counties have.

It ranks 14th by population in the state and 15th in the number of cases.

But of the 372 cases in the county reported in the Department of Health’s May 2 Situation Report, 47 resulted in death — 12.6%.

That’s far higher than in counties that have reported more cases and in counties with comparable numbers of cases.

Miami-Dade County, for example, continues to be the state’s hot spot, with 12,632 cases through May 1, almost 34 times more cases than in Sarasota County. But it reported only 367 deaths — less than eight times as many.

Seminole County has a comparable number of cases — 395 — but only eight deaths.

Information about the victims isn’t released, so statistics about pre-existing health problems aren’t available. It appears, though, that age is a factor in mortality.

The average age of people testing positive for COVID-19 in Sarasota County is 64, according to the Department of Health. In Miami-Dade it’s 49, while it’s 47 in Seminole County.

People age 65 and up account for just under half the cases — 189 out of 395 positive results as of Tuesday morning, with 48 deaths at that point.

Through Monday afternoon, Sarasota Memorial Hospital had completed more than 2,048 tests and had 129 positive results, with 22 patient fatalities — 17%.

SMH had 36 COVID-19-positive patients hospitalized Monday afternoon. Venice Regional Bayfront Health reported no COVID-19 patients on Tuesday.


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