VENICE — Over 20 students from Pine View School and Venice High School have made the 2022 semifinalist list for the National Merit Scholarship Program.

Those students that qualified were among the less than one percent of high school seniors with the highest scores on the Preliminary SAT.

If selected as a National Merit Scholarship winner, high school students are recognized for their academic excellence and potential success in top colleges.

The National Merit Scholarship Corporation announced around 16,000 students made the semifinals for their rigorous scholarship program on Wednesday.

The semifinalists will then compete for 7,500 National Merit Scholarships. estimated close to $30 million, which will be offered next spring.

Around 95% of the semifinalists are expected to reach the finalist status with about half of the finalists winning a National Merit Scholarship and obtaining the Merit Scholar title, according to the NMSC.

High school students are entered into the program after taking the PSAT during their junior year.

For the next step in the program and to become a finalist, students must submit a scholarship application.

The application includes an academic record, involvement in school and community activities, leadership abilities, employment and honors or awards received.

To be considered, semifinalists must have an exemplary academic record, have an endorsement and recommendation from a high school official, write an essay and receive a high score on the SAT or ACT.

From the group of finalists, the National Merit Scholarship winners will be selected.

As scholarship winners, the students are noticed for their potential success in college studies and their skills and accomplishments.

The following Pine View students were included as semifinalists:

• Summer Bossman

• Sarah Catalano

• Matthew Coovert

• Nelson Creed

• Abraham Daoud

• Cole Firlie

• Laura Gayre

• Eden Glickman

• Andrew Goodson

• Connor Lafo

• Jimmy Liu

• Leila MacKenzie

• Elizabeth McBride

• Demetri Pappas

• Ricardo Prado Cunha

• Sonica Prakash

• Gavin Pufahl

• Siddhartha Reddy

• Jack Ries

• Lucas Rudloff

• Edward Shen

• Richard Siwicki

The following Venice High students were included as semifinalists:

• Alexia King

• Haley Sprague


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