Renaissance students

Renaissance students for the week of Jan. 28 available for a photo are: Ethan Matthews, front left, Olivia Sleight, Kiley Davis, Lillian Maggio, Brian Bui, and Maeve Sims, back left, Connie Carbone, Sam Irvin and Kyle Thomas.

The Venice High Renaissance Team recognized the following students for the week of Jan. 28: Kiley Davis, Olivia Hanley, Ethan Matthews, Hannah Williams, Lillian Maggio, Aundraya Murdocca, Brian Bui, Olivia Sleight, Mikayla Shelton, Sam Irvin, Connie Carbone, Tiki Nabergall, Maeve Sims and Talon Antolak.

These students were selected by their teachers for exemplifying the spirit of Venice High School this week. They exhibit Renaissance Character: kindness, empathy, perseverance, optimism, responsibility, and or dedication to self and communal improvement.

A drawing was held and Brian Bui received a gift card to BrewBurgers (the official burger of the Venice Indians), compliments of Mike Bacon. Hannah Williams received a gift card to Culver’s, compliments of Scott Mersinger. Talon Antolak received a gift card to Applebee’s, compliments of Stacy Jones. Olivia Sleight received a gift card to Publix. Sam Irvin received a gift card to Bogey’s.

All of the students received a Renaissance shirt, compliments of Frank and Elaine Pagliaro and a complimentary yogurt from the Skinny Dip.

If you would like to help support the Renaissance movement at VHS, contact the Venice High School Renaissance Team: Christine Botti, Brian Crocker, Kara Mopps or Brenda Bartlett at 941-488-6726.

Thank you to the community members that have already offered to support the program.


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