Sea horses and mermaids arrived at the Venice Art Center ready to come alive as FantaSea Venice. Artists selected one of the 47 statues to bring to life. Each statue will have its own unique personality.

Over the next few months the project becomes more exciting with each brush stroke as the white statues take on a rainbow of color thanks to 47 talented artists.

In the end. each creation takes center stage at an auction soiree ready for purchase and a permanent home in Venice and beyond.

Venice Art Center Director Mary Moscatelli supervised the delivery and unpacking of the statues. Kearney Movers unloaded the cargo which traveled for about 22 hours from Nebraska. Icon Poly was the producer.

Over the last few years Venice has experienced the fun of Art Center fund raising projects starting with the Pigs in Paradise. They were a hit around town with some folks challenging themselves to pose for a picture with each one.

Then there were dolphins and turtles and Sea Venice. These brought more excitement and more people came to town to Sea Venice. Now we will celebrate FantaSea Venice. These days the Venice Art Center is in a get ready, get set mode.

After the pigs, turtles and dolphins, getting ready for sea horses and mermaids is a no brainer. Patrick Jaehne, of Patrick Air, one of the sponsors summed the project up best when he said: “After what Venice has been through this past year, it needs this.”

Let the fun begin with FantaSea Venice.

Lend a hand

The William H. Jervey Venice Library needs volunteers in the Friends Book Shop. If you are looking for a fun thing to do a few hours per week contact Karen Murphy

One of our best

The special person of this week is a new friend Kyle Vohlan who made sure the precious Venice Art Center cargo namely sea horses and mermaids arrived safely in Venice after a long 22 hour trip from Nebraska.

Kyle enjoyed watching the statues unload and fill the Venice Courtyard. He chatted and joked with new Art Center friends and met some of the people involved with FantaSeaVenice.

It was fun to meet Kyle who promised to come back and see the finished project.

Kyle Vohlan is an important part of FantaSea Venice who helps make this town a great place to live.

Fran Valencic is the social columnist of the Venice Gondolier Sun. She welcomes your tips and ideas. Contact her at


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