VENICE — After a hiatus of several months due to the COVID-19, the Venice Farmers Market will be back in operation Saturday.

Familiar vendors with favorite products will be present, but in a different place, with different displays and procedures for shoppers to follow.

Because of construction on the City Hall campus, the market will set up on West Venice Avenue between Harbor Drive and Avenue des Parques instead of in the parking lot, according to the market’s website.

To meet social-distancing requirements, booths will be at least 10 feet apart and have markers at least 6 feet apart so customers can keep their distance. They’ll be routed through the market in one direction and asked to complete their shopping within 30 minutes.

Market staff are to control the number of people entering the market if the crowd gets too big to allow for social distancing.

Customers will be encouraged to “shop with your eyes, not hands” and “take what you touch.”

People not wearing a mask will need to indicate the items of produce they want while masked customers will be allowed to select their own.

All items except produce will be prepackaged. There’s to be no sampling, no selling consume-on-premises food and no refilling reusable containers.

Purchases will be paid for and picked up from an area separate from the display.

The market will be open from 8 a.m. to noon.

For more information, visit TheVeniceFarmers


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