SARASOTA — An Arcadia man was arrested for allegedly knocking down two men with an 18-wheeler in April at a construction site in IslandWalk at West Villages.

The suspect didn’t return Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office phone calls for months — but that didn’t stop detectives from continuing their investigation.

An arrest warrant was issued in August.

Steven McCumber, 61, was arrested Nov. 19.

McCumber is charged with felonies, including two counts of aggravated battery with a deadly weapon, and one count of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon without the intent to kill.

He bonded out that day on $30,000.

According to the arrest report, McCumber entered the site on Renella Street and began revving his engine while two construction workers were attempting to move a piece of equipment across the road.

Witnesses say McCumber’s 18-wheeler lurched forward from a dead stop, striking both men, knocking them to the ground and causing them to drop the piece of equipment.

The victims yelled at McCumber, then finished moving the equipment off the roadway.

McCumber, meanwhile, pulled his tractor trailer over to offload his truss delivery to the residence under construction.

The two victims then walked over and exchanged words with McCumber.

The arrest report did not disclose what the victims, 30 and 64 years old respectively, said to McCumber, but McCumber responded by pulling out a revolver and pointed it at the younger victim.

That was apparently the end of the incident.

Witnesses said McCumber finished offloading his delivery, spoke to two construction supervisors, and left.

One of the supervisors recalled McCumber said there was no gun involved, but he did have a rachet strap. When the supervisor asked about the truck striking the two workers, McCumber stated his foot slipped out off the clutch and that caused the truck to lurch forward several feet.

McCumber was told police were on their way, but he left.

The same supervisor told authorities McCumber’s story was “improbable” because a fully loaded tractor trailer would not “lurch” forward very far with a full cargo load.

For the truck to travel that far with a full load of trusses, he said, it would have had to be an intentional act.

McCumber’s arraignment is scheduled for Dec. 27.


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