While shoppers rode the trolley and strolled downtown for Christmas in July, others enjoyed shopping in the air conditioned Venice Community Center.

Highlights of the sale were the authors on hand to showcase their books. Clarissa Thomasson was showcasing her latest book, “Venice Dreamers.” She writes about 31 people whose dreams became realities in shaping Venice. Some of Clarissa’s books are available at the Venice Museum. Get more information at saltmarshpublications.com.

Joan Klatil Creamer wrote about “Teena the Tiny Tooth Fairy” and a red and blue Santa Claus that visits homes by getting through keyholes.

These days people still enjoy hobbies or crafting. Often these are words not heard too often. A stroll through the Venice Community Center made it clear sewing, knitting and designing fabric purses and fun items are still popular pastimes. Friends spending time together creating practical items like pillows or Christmas decorations is a continuation of old fashioned quilting bees where women gathered for intergenerational chit chat.

Selling the items usually just helps the artists pay for supplies.

Katrina Meyer announced she would be selling her popular Christmas Tree earrings at the Venice Art Center on Nov. 30 at their Bling Thing. She also promised to create a new design for this year.

Three cheers to organizers of this nice Venice Community Center event.

Beat the heat

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One of our best

The special person of this week is Clarissa Thomasson. This prolific writer publishes her books under Salt Marsh Publishing. A couple of her books are “Florida Sunset” and “Venice Dreamers.”

Clarissa is a member of the Daughters of the American Revolution and often organizes special events highlighting members of the group and their families. She is one of the members who appears in period costume to enhance the event.

Clarissa is a popular speaker at clubs and the Historical Society. She was always a popular speaker at schools. Students always enjoyed her clear teaching.

Clarissa is kind and friendly and the consummate teacher. When someone stops to ask a question, Clarissa is ready to chat. Clarissa Thomasson is one of the writers who make Venice a great place to live.

Fran Valencic is the social columnist for the Venice Gondolier. She welcomes your tips and ideas. Contact her at franvalencic@comcast.net.


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