ITN SunCoast is a local, non-profit that provides rides to seniors and those with disabilities when driving is either not practical or safe.

Company records showed it is now providing more rides than ever, having given 10,000 rides to seniors and those with disabilities by the end of 2016; that number climbed to over 18,000 by the end of 2017.

As a mission driven organization, it is heartwarming that there is a need within our community that ITN is able to address. The company talks with the riders, many of whom who say that we make a huge difference in their lives, which is inspiring.

The company needs help at this time to provide rides for individuals who use wheelchairs or personal motorized vehicles to get around. ITN does not have a vehicle that can accommodate this situation, and if anyone has such a vehicle for the company’s use, it would be greatly appreciated.

Anyone who has an hour or two here and there can help the company meet the challenges faced in continuing to serve the community. People are needed to serve on the Development Committee and Board of Directors. And someone is needed to help with social media.

More volunteer drivers are always in need. While all the wonderful current volunteers providing rides are greatly appreciated, new volunteers are needed to help the company keep pace with the increase in ride requests it receives.

Being a volunteer driver is a great experience, and many generous benefits are offered. Volunteers are especially needed on weekends, at the Lido Beach area and in Bradenton.

For more information or to volunteer, call 941-364-7530 or visit:


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