Each year the Venice High School Rotary Futures College Resource Center holds their Comedy Night fundraiser. Their work at Venice High is no joke. Students spend time in the Futures Lab with volunteers and staff researching scholarships and opportunities available to them.

While director Kim Kindell and post secondary Adviser Julie Pinkerton, along with Casey Riley, are on-hand to help students, the lab would not function without its volunteers and sponsors.

The Comedy Night this year showed the torch being passed to a new generation. Many participants were recent graduates Venice High and their spouses. Second-generation family members from the Boone, Joyner and Farley families, among others, prove the commitment Venice people have to their town.

This year, Venice High students received more than $6 million in scholarships with more than $700,000 coming from local organizations. Many of them were regularly featured on this page.

Amy Archer and Debi Hammett, chairs of the Comedy Night, deserve a huge bravo. Their event committee deserves a star. Special thanks to Bob Vedder, president of the board of directors, and board members.

The list of sponsors for the Comedy Night filled several pages on the program.

In all, thank you Rotary Futures VIPs.

One Of Our Best

The special person of this week is Sue Vedder, who insists on being a behind-the-scenes person. She often volunteers at events in town like serving food at the Venice Archives receptions and Venice Nokomis Historical Society receptions.

Her name appears in the program as a member on event committees like the Rotary Futures Comedy Night, where she was commended for the number of prizes she secured. She hates having her picture taken.

Sue, like many seniors in town, is semi-retired. She works several hours a week and enjoys Senior Circle and Tiger Bay. She loves learning and is an avid reader. She is one of the Venice High School sports fans and is a regular at volleyball and baseball games.

Sue enjoys her family, especially her grandchildren. She often spends time in Tallahassee and Naples with them. When her sister is in town, the two enjoy shopping and all the fun local things that go on in Venice.

Sue is interested in people and the work they do. She is always kind and friendly. Sue Vedder is one of the women who makes Venice a great place to live.

Fran Valencic is the social columnist for the Venice Gondolier Sun. She welcomes your tips and ideas. Contact her at fran valencic@comcast.net.


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