VENICE — The 12-19 age group had the biggest increase in vaccinations over the last month, but the percentage of people in that age group vaccinated is less than half the state rate.

The Weekly Situation Report for the week ending June 24 showed the statewide vaccination rate was 57%.

Even with a 6 percentage point increase since the June 3 report, the rate for the 12-19 age cohort is only 28%.

The state rate increased from 53% to 57% in that period.

Younger people have a lower risk of serious illness, hospitalization and death, but the vast majority of hospitalizations and deaths now are in people who aren’t vaccinated and the more-transmissible Delta variant is in the process of becoming the dominant one in the country.

According to an Associated Press analysis of May hospitalization data, there were fewer than 1,200 so-called “breakthrough” COVID-19 cases — positive tests in fully vaccinated people — out of more than 853,000 hospitalizations, a rate of about 0.1% for the month.

Out of more than 18,000 COVID-19 deaths in May, only about 150 were fully vaccinated people — about 0.8%, the AP reported.

Only three of the seven age groups into which the state breaks down vaccinations have a rate higher than the state’s rate: 50-59 (63%), 60-64 (73%) and 65-plus (83%).

Besides the 12-19 group, the numbers are 38% for 20-29, 43% for 30-39 and 53% for 40-49.

Of the Florida’s 67 counties, 41 have a positivity rate higher than the state’s 3.8% in the June 24 report, and 36 out of the 41 have a vaccination rate lower than the state’s.

At 3.8%, the state’s rate was higher than in the previous three weeks.

The state also hasn’t seen a continuing decline in the number of COVID-19 cases per 100,000 population.

The number was 54 cases per 100,000 population in the June 3 report, dropping to 48.4 cases the following week, rising to 55.3 cases the week ending June 17 and dipping to 54.2 last week.

By the numbers

Sarasota Memorial Hospital had 11 COVID-19 patients on Monday and Tuesday — the first days in about two weeks that the census was in double digits. There was one patient in the ICU.

The seven-day positivity rate was 1.8%, compared to 1.2% for the previous period. It reported no deaths.

Data from Venice Regional Bayfront Health wasn’t available.


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