Our Position: Any controversy over the wearing of masks in public to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus is ridiculous. Masks help.

We find it discouraging that there are people who still insist wearing a mask will not keep them from being infected with the coronavirus. And, it’s more than discouraging, it’s downright scary, there are people who still believe it is a hoax.

We have more than 300,000 people dead in America from the coronavirus. Arguments that those people died from other things and hospitals are blaming it on the virus to make more money are preposterous.

The COVID-19 is spreading as fast as it did in the heat of the summer. Californians are finding it difficult to even get a hospital bed. Texas is in bad shape too and Florida is not far behind.

That is why we were relieved to see a new poll by YouGov which revealed Florida voters want a mask mandate and a hard cap on public gatherings. The poll said that 77% of Florida voters support wearing masks in public places.

It should be no surprise that Democrats were more supportive than their Republican neighbors with 94% in favor of masks. A majority of Republicans, while not as wild about the idea, were okay with masks too, with 59% saying they should be worn.

What was a little surprising to us was that two-thirds of those polled said they wanted public events limited to 10 people or less. That support took a hit however when the question turned to religious services. Only 55% wanted to restrict the number of people who could go to church or meet for religion-related events.

Most of the results of the poll fell along party lines with Republicans, who have been told by President Trump from the outset that the coronavirus is not that serious, are more skeptical and reluctant to impair individual freedoms to quell the virus.

Only 38% of those polled, however, believe the federal government has done a good job and 46% said the Feds have done poorly. Our state government, on the other hand, had a 45% approval rating with 43% disapproving of the work Gov. Ron DeSantis and his team have done.

Again, those numbers fell along party lines with 67% of Republican voters supporting the government’s efforts and 80% on board with the job Florida has done in stopping the spread of COVID-19. Democrats, on the other hand, disapproved at a rate of 76%.

Those who conducted the poll suggested that — despite the discrepancies in Republican and Democrat responses — it did show a bipartisan belief in the big picture of the pandemic response. We can see that too.

Americans — Floridians included — seem to have taken to heart the need to protect us from ourselves. That is why when we go to the super market — as one The Daily Sun letter writer noted — we see everyone wearing a mask. While we understand it is required for admittance, it is still comforting to know people agree and you rarely see the maverick who refuses to wear a face covering of some type.

With two vaccines approved and sleeves being rolled up to accept them, we can all take hope there is light at the end of this dark tunnel.

Let’s accept the challenge to wear a mask to protect others and ourselves for just a couple more months. It’s the right thing to do.


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