VENICE — It didn’t take long for the Positivity Walls constructed at five Venice-area locations to start sprouting statements of unity, silliness and smiles.

On Tuesday, a day after the walls were installed in and around the city, Venice resident Anita Riska was inscribing a small note and tying it to the wood.

“It’s nice to be kind,” she said, noting that’s what her saying stated on a small piece of blue paper.

Among the other sayings by Day Two: Love; Kindness to All; Breathe — It will be ok; Appreciate the things you have; Joy & Positive Thoughts; Blue Lives Matter; Buckeyes National Champs; Be the change you want in others!; Never Give Up; Love Living in Paradise; Love your beaches, hug your family, smile big, life is good!; and Hug your dog today.

Residents and visitors glanced at the walls at Venice Beach Pavilion and at Centennial Park along Venice Avenue.

The Venice Area Chamber of Commerce teamed with area businesses and governments for the walls.

The walls went up at:

• Centennial Park, 200 E. Venice Ave., Venice

• Venice Beach Pavilion, 101 The Esplanade, Venice

• Sky Family YMCA, 701 Center Road, Venice

• Laurel Civic Center, 509 Collins Road, Nokomis

• Frances T. Bourne Jacaranda Public Library, 4141 Woodmere Park Boulevard, South Venice.

“The chamber is asking the community at large to contribute to the community positivity walls,” the Venice Area Chamber of Commerce said in its news release. “Residents and visitors alike are invited to leave a positive message, a wish, or words of encouragement to share with the community. To participate, complimentary supplies can be found attached to each wall. Each wall will have a box of tags, markers and zip ties.”

The walls stay up until sometime in December until a second phase begins, involving the Venice Art Center.

“It will culminate with a public art project representing artistic interpretation of the messaging,” the news release said.

Those taking part in the project include the city of Venice, Sarasota County, Gulf Coast Community Foundation, J2 Solutions, Home Depot of Venice, Office Depot of Venice, Venice Art Center, Venice MainStreet and Venice Print Center.


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