COVID test requires registration first


Has anyone gone to Dallas White Park for Covid testing? If so, tell me if I’m wrong.

When you get there, no one tells you that you must register before you stand in line in the sun. A woman standing half-way down the line finally says ‘ya gotta register’ but doesn’t explain how.

The only way to register is to use a cell phone to ‘read’ the squiggly QR code they have stuck on a stick leaning off a red cone. Then try to fill in all your personal data on the tiny form that comes up on the screen while you’re standing in the sun. (Can’t find the form on the internet, and no advance warning about registration on any Sarasota Board of Health announcements.)

If you decide to try, plan to go back to your car to fill out the form — while the line grows longer. I gave up and will go back better prepared.

Neill Schoonmaker

North Port

Where did money go in Afghanistan?


Shouldn’t we now demand that we have a full top down accounting of where all the money ended up in this failed Afghanistan war?

How much went to the military-industrial complex?

How much went private contractors?

How much was taken by corrupt Afghani officials and military?

How much was taken by corrupt American contractors and our military?

How much equipment was wasted in the burn pits so new equipment could be bought?

We need to know how much was wasted and that those who are responsible are going to be held accountable.

John R. Munn


Wear a mask and be a patriot


During this pandemic, wearing masks has become controversial. The reason for wearing masks has been lost. We wear masks to protect others and not ourselves.

The mask inhibits droplets from our mouth and nose spreading into the air and infecting others. Emphasizing this point is crucial to getting folks to wear masks.

The focus changes from personal freedom to social responsibility. Living in a society has its benefits and its obligations. What is our obligation to society and to our fellow citizens? We do not stand alone. We are dependent on one another.

During World War II, the Greatest Generation sacrificed. They said goodbye to their children who were on the front lines. They rationed food and gas. And they celebrated victory over an evil enemy.

Wear a mask – it’s patriotic, it’s compassionate. It’s what Jesus would do.

Carl Charleson

North Port

Best label you can give us is Americans


In many of the Letters to the Editor, I see Democrats described as “Libs.” I consider the Democrats as being very diverse in The Daily Sun circulation area. It would be true to say that some Democrats are “Libs” (liberals).

It would also be true to say that some Democrats are “Pros” (progressives) and “Mods” (moderates). Democrats from these groups within the Democratic Party are not always in lockstep when it comes to the various issues that affect our everyday lives.

At the same time, I would caution Democrats against classifying all Republicans as being “Cons” (conservatives). There are other segments in the Republican party such as “Ex-Cons” (RINOS — Republicans in name only). There are also “Mods” (moderates) in the party.

Let us remember that we are all Americans and Floridians who live in Southwest Florida. Whether we are Pros or Cons, Libs or Ex-Cons, or Mods, together we can be a tremendous force for good!

David Jones


History repeats itself in Afghanistan


It was April 1975 at our embassy in Saigon, Vietnam, the last of our personnel (military and locals) shoving to get on our evac helicopters while the Viet Cong killers were going in the main entrance.

Now, again, this time at the American Embassy in Afghanistan (a fortress, really), the last of our personnel (military and locals) scurrying to get on our helicopters while the Taliban killers stormed the grounds.

Yes, some of our young soldiers will be killed during this hasty evacuation and also at the airport departure site.

Over 60,000 brave youngsters killed in Vietnam and over 5,000 military and civilian contractors killed in Afghanistan.

A terrible waste. A terrible tragedy.

Bill Baxter


I want elected officials who use common sense


A previous letter writer from Englewood (Gondolier, Aug. 20) would have us believe that many of our troubles today are the result of Republican leaders in Florida having their “head in the sand” in denial of science regarding climate change, COVID-19, and red tide.

Additionally, the writer claims these Republicans are opposing progressive Democratic solutions to other issues concerning the health and well-being of us all.

While the “other issues” are not named, I’m wondering if they might include progressive Democratic efforts to embrace socialism, raising taxes on the middle-class, job-killing regulations, letting criminals out of jail, letting illegal aliens pass through our southern border, decriminalizing drug dealing, letting boys in the girls’ restrooms, aborting babies, and “canceling” anyone with opposing views. Disrespecting our flag and national anthem, taking God out of everything, condemning our police officers, and promoting and excusing mob mentality are a few other progressive “issues” that come to mind.

Fostering class warfare, promoting Critical Race Theory in our schools and military services, seducing our children with the transgender craze, and plans to remake America through the socialist fantasy Green New Deal are also some issues I suppose we voters are encouraged to act upon by electing more progressive candidates.

I’m sorry, but I love my God, my country, and my conservative legislators who know where evil lurks in our society. Florida, keep electing representatives who use common sense, informed judgement, and keep faith in the deepest truths of America’s past. Forget the absurd, ridiculous, insanity of progressive tomfoolery.

Bryant McNiece


Let’s end the Congressional filibuster


Year after year, we see politicians in Congress make promises about what they can do for constituents like me. And year after year, the progress is usually less than we hoped for.

The solution is clear: It’s time to get rid of the filibuster — a Senate rule that allows a minority of senators to block any piece of legislation. Democrats have introduced some great bills that would help a vast majority of Americans. Right now, the Senate is deciding whether to pass the For the People Act, for instance, a big reform bill that addresses everything from making voting more accessible and streamlined to getting rid of corruption in government.

But the fate of the For the People Act is uncertain as long as it can be filibustered by senators like Ted Cruz and Lindsey Graham. And that’s only one bill. Imagine all the progress that’s being held up in Congress because the filibuster stands in the way.

For me, for my community, and for communities like mine all across America, I’m asking senators to do away with the filibuster once and for all.


Erin Fellows

North Port

All in North Port should vote on divorce


To all North Port citizens. As you may know Wellen Park wants to secede (divorce) from North Port and become part of unincorporated Sarasota County.

Their Committee for Responsible Government wants a petition voted on by the people of Wellen Park.

No and no again. I firmly believe any vote on leaving North Port affects the entire population of North Port, not a fraction of such.

I support the developers that are also against this separation and future building expansion.

I agree with statement in today’s Daily Sun that the $12 million aquatic center was not the best project implemented, but taxes will always be an issue wherever one lives.

If some people don’t like the taxes and the North Port government, you have an American choice to relocate. Take a good look at what you’re asking for vs. what you have in this solid community.

Again I emphasize any petition must be voted on by all citizens of North Port.

That decision will be respectfully determined by Judge Hunter Carroll.

William J. Brennan

North Port


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