Fewer men seem to be wearing masks

To the Editor:

On my trips to the supermarket, I notice that fewer and fewer of the men are wearing masks, while women generally are.

I don’t know if that’s Trump’s influence, or if the men themselves don’t care if we live or die.

I am 77, my husband is 84, and we fear for our lives if one of us catches COVID-19, in a county that has consistently seen fatality rates around 12%.

We have been in strict quarantine since mid-March, having given up activities we love and would appreciate a little concern from everyone out there, men and children included.

Yesterday, there was a whole maskless family trooping through; the children were well-behaved but of course arguing over which cereal to buy, so putting aerosols into the air.

And they were all going the wrong way down the one-way aisle. Please — have more consideration for the vulnerable in society, whether because of age, immune deficiency or anything else.

Grace S. Gagliardi


Your School Board vote: Education over politics

To the Editor:

I have seen Sarasota change so much over the last 50 years, but changes within the School Board are unlike any I have seen before. I cannot remember a time when the district was so divided or plagued by scandal, with board members attacking each other and demeaning their colleagues.

My children all attended school here, and our schools, teachers, and students are among the best anywhere. The School Board has always put education over politics, but I fear this is no longer the case.

It appears that Eric Robinson and Bridget Ziegler have divided the board with their political agendas. This distracts from the district’s mission and does nothing to help our students. Now Robinson is heavily supporting another candidate as well. That really raises concerns.

Our school system is great for many reasons, but many residents may forget that they elect School Board members, the School Board elections are Aug. 18, and all Sarasota County voters (including Independents) can vote in these nonpartisan races. Our school district leadership must move past its divisions.

There are now new candidates for School Board, Tom Edwards and David Graham, who strongly support public education. I’m voting Aug. 18. Are you?

Lauma Brass


The moral to the story is ...

To the Editor:

An old friend once told me “When you call for a medic, you don’t care if he’s black, white or purple with green spots — he doesn’t care what you are, either.”

There’s a moral in there, if one chooses to see it.

John Myers


Water quality needs to be priority in Venice

To the Editor:

Venice is a coastal town, with beaches that are nationally ranked, and beautiful gulf waters always within reach.

Many of our local businesses depend upon people visiting the beaches, and enjoying the natural beauty of our community. We have to ensure that we protect what makes Venice special.

If we continue to allow unchecked growth, and failing infrastructure to exist, we will pollute our Gulf waters past the point of no return. We call this area home, and are so very proud of the beautiful water and nature that we are surrounded by. Let’s act like we care about it, and elect people who will care about it.

Our elected officials must protect our water, and must protect nature. If we damage our fragile ecosystem, we will lose the quality of life we all came and stayed for. Our businesses will suffer, and as such, so will our economy. It’s time to prioritize our water.

Cory Hutchinson

North Port


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