Give Old Betsy a new home

To The Editor:

Once upon a time, almost 100 years ago, a group of people came to the Florida coast on the Gulf of Mexico and decided that this was the perfect place to build a city.

A great city planner was hired to design the layout of the city and the buildings started going up. They named the city Venice.

Word was sent out about this wonderful place in paradise and all it had to offer and people came. The group that was planning this city knew that they needed to find a way to protect their new buildings so they bought a fire truck.

This truck tirelessly served the city and surrounding areas for decades before being retired. But she wasn’t junked or put outside to rot, as the people in charge of the city at the time realized that she was still an asset to the city, as well as a piece of their history. The truck competed in competitions with other antique fire trucks and won many awards.

She also appeared in parades and carried dignitaries. But she never had a home. She was stashed in various places, none of which provided her the protection and care she deserved.

It’s been 95 years after she first arrived, and through those years various discussions to build her a home went nowhere, she now has a chance to have a forever home, in a city that prides itself on taking care of its history.

This once-upon-a-time story needs a happily-ever-after ending.

Karen Midlam



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