Consider Sibley for City Council

To the Editor:

Citizens, if you love Venice, vote Sandy Sibley for City Council. She is dedicated to retaining and blending our city charm, which means a safe, creative, probably challenging, solution for all diverse interests. She will be a voice for those of us who have already invested our incomes and lives in this town.

The John Nolen Plan is not always the answer. Yes, Naples is a “John Nolen” plan. So is Birmingham, Michigan. That town used to be a quaint downtown peppered with eateries, parks and boutiques. The John Nolen design was implemented, benefiting the wealthy.

Metered parking, loss of unique experiences, the crush of upscale retail, and the vanity-attitude drove many away. “Quaint” has always been the flavor of our community, including the sacredness of our long history. Bustling cities lose those unique qualities.

The current zeal to build has been obvious. Sensible restrictions have been done away with and waivers are too easily obtained. Citizens have trouble becoming informed and are not encouraged to challenge investor’s plans.

Density challenges. Loss of green space. Parking. Traffic density, sewerage, water, schools.

Our infrastructure cannot support this “building progress” but it is assumed that it will. It is time to formulate an upgraded, renewable plan.

Use the John Nolen experiment as a tool of guidance, but not law, before Venice becomes just one more indistinguishable, hard to access, touristy town.

Ellen Ostroth


Stuebe’s baloney on military vaccines

To the Editor:

Quote from Rep. Stuebe’s Weekly Update email from July 11:

“I also called out the reports of the Department of Defense considering mandating the COVID-19 vaccine for all of the U.S. military. This would deeply infringe on the rights of our service members who swore an oath to defend our country and our freedoms.”

Baloney. Is he aware of what happened in World War I, when influenza killed thousands of military members. Anytime you get lots of people together in close quarters it’s an invitation for disease to spread. A good friend of mine nearly died from a meningitis outbreak when he was in the Army.

I was in the U.S. Navy (enlisted) in the early 70s. They kept us well-inoculated when we were in the states. Then before my ship went to the Vietnam area, we got more vaccinations. The last thing the military needs is a bunch of sick people.

If you don’t want your so called “freedom” infringed, don’t join the military. The first thing they pound into you in boot camp is that it’s not about your whims. You’re there to accomplish the common mission. Perhaps as a commissioned officer in the lawyer corps, Rep. Stuebe didn’t get that lesson.

Remember when vaccines were rolling out and Gov. DeSantis showed up for photo ops everywhere a mass vaccination site opened? Where is he now that coronavirus is again on the rise and vaccination rates have plummeted? Do you really think he cares about you?

Richard Herrema


City needs to finish road project

To the Editor:

I have to be brief since 250 words is not enough to express my frustration.

Two years ago, the city of Venice started a project to replace the drainage and waterlines in East Gate Terrace Subdivision next to Pinebrook. They began work on Elaine Street and Karen Drive this past winter. Both streets are torn up and no one has performed any work for a couple months now.

I talked with Keith Hass, the manager of this project, he claims they are waiting on material. One question, why start a project when they don’t have the materials to finish the project? The frustrating part now is the streets are felt up paved which is causing flooding in areas that never flood before until now. There are sinkholes forming where work was performed, I reported these issues to Keith, he said they would take a look at it. I also sent reported the same issues to the city mayor, commission and city manager who oversees all projects.

I received no response.

We pay our city utilities and taxes, if we suspend out utility payments until the project is complete, they would shutoff our water.

The bottomline, we want this project done, or at a minimum, pave the streets to so the streets drain properly and not cause flooding.

David Ross


Did Bob Rigby have red tide solution?

To the Editor:

Hhmmm — seems I remember that about 15 — 20 years ago, Bob Rigby had a clay formula, a spreader, Venice High School had done small scale tests and results were very positive.

Seems everyone talking about this “new” clay formula should give some (a lot) of credit to Bob.

Robert Beer


Stop sources of red tide at beginning

To the Editor:

Rather than trying to “clean up,” we can stop red tide at its source:

1. Waterfront homes must be connected to sewer, not have septic tanks.

2. Stop the application of lawn pesticides

3. Stop the releases from Lake Okeechobee

Nancy Policastro


Airport does what it wants

To the Editor:

Here it is a calm Monday morning and the airplanes continue to fly over the neighborhood.

Why they can’t use Runway 23 and fly over the Gulf of Mexico is a mystery. Maybe they are afraid of the red tide.

Glad that I don’t work nights and need my sleep in the morning.

The airport does what it wants and they chose to fly over the neighborhoods.

Dennis Zdun


Time to move from Florida

To the Editor:

Greetings to all.

I’ll be heading out of this state after 13+ years in one spot. I’m moving back to my roots, where people aren’t so rude — snowbirds — and the politics are sane.

I hate to say it but this puppet governor with POTUS-aspirations happens to be a dunce. Talks like Trump and doesn’t look too bright.

How he got there was Rubio’s story. These U.S. senators belong in prison after looking at their careers. I won’t miss them as much as I will Florida — too much voter suppression. Adios, farewell, goodbye.

Robert Caiello


Are workshops going to happen?

To the Editor:

At the March meeting of the Planning Commission, Jeff Shrum said that the staff would be holding public workshops on the proposed draft for Land Use regulations over the summer.

Is this still in the works? Public outreach and education is very important, particularly as it addresses historic properties, neighborhoods and downtown Venice within the John Nolen Plan.

Is the Planning Commission leaving hard copies of their latest draft at the library to be read there? That would be helpful to those not online.

Nancy Deforge


GOP official says election was fair

To the Editor:

Michigan state Sen. Ed McBroom, a conservative Republican from the Upper Peninsula, serving with two other Republicans and one Democrat, undertook the task of finding fault with the Michigan election process and results.

What they found is consistent with what our own supervisor of elections reports: The 2020 election was fair and honest, administered faithfully by diligent public servants and devoted volunteers.

After all the testing, counting, checking and re-checking, McBroom and the others found that the original Election Day tabulation in Antrim County was 99.9 percent accurate. The few errors they found were quickly addressed and fixed. Nonetheless, McBroom reports that there has been an “…avalanche of fantasy, fever dreams, grifter fiction and blatherskite.”

“Blatherskite,” by the way, means “blatant nonsense.”

While I suspect Sen. McBroom and I likely differ on a number of policy issues, his willingness to stand for the truth makes him a hero in my book.

Joe Pennisi


Three truths people need to accept

To the Editor:

Three truths:

1. There was no massive fraud in the November 2020 election. This was certified by Chris Krebs, the Republican director of the Cybersecurity Infrastructure and Security Agency. He was appointed by Donald Trump. The former attorney general, Bill Barr directed the Department of Justice to thoroughly investigate any possible fraud and found nothing that would overturn the election. Joseph Biden is the duly elected president of the United States. He won fairly by more than 7 million votes.

2. What happened at the Capitol on Jan. 6 was a violent insurrection undertaken by right-wing extremists. It was not a typical tourist day. It was not BLM or people who call themselves anti-fascist. Some people were there to peacefully protest, but others were not.

3. Ashli Babbitt was a veteran. But on Jan. 6, she became a domestic terrorist. She was not peacefully protesting. She was with a group who threatened to kill members of the government. She tried to enter the Speaker’s Lobby, which was barricaded. Behind the barricade were officers with guns. That was a warning she ignored. She should have left. She did not. She made the wrong decision.

Lee Hall



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