Votes can make a difference

I am writing this letter to the voters in Sarasota County and especially Venice, that shows their vote can make a difference.

I urge people who believe in the system to look up the background, and outcome of a community that let their voices be heard. I urge you to check out articles and results from both the Herald Tribune and Venice Gondolier from the Spring of 2007 to the election in November 2007.

It is vital, especially now with all the different aspects of communication that can be accurate or speculative, for voters to make themselves be diligent in decision making.

I also urge voters to look up the Venice Chamber of Commerce letter which was written in September 2007 to see how certain segments of the citizenship were viewed at that time. Much has changed and some has not but your vote can make a difference.

For many years to come, the future of the county and how the land is utilized, is yours to decide.

When the election is over take care to see if officials are true to their word.

Choices will be made depending on your vote. Your vote does matter.

Pat (Poppy) McDonald


New garbage trucks are not good for community

Dear editor,

I live in a small retirement community.

This past year found us lugging our garbage to a designated dumpster area. Most of us are in our 70s, upward of 90s.

Now we were notified we have to do the same thing with our recyclables.

My question is whose political pockets have been lined because the city of Venice purchased “new” garbage trucks.

Living in Venice for the past 15 years did not find problems for the trucks to come and pick up all our refuse. Now, they think this is better? Well, it is not.

This will cause physical hardships for many of us.

What is the purpose of getting rid of garbage trucks to get new ones?

Did this change affect where you live?

What was our City Hall thinking?

Marie Puma



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