Maybe everyone needs to know rules of road

To the Editor:

Please publish the “rules of the road” for bicyclists and cars in regard to pedestrians.

Large print might be helpful.

P.S.: Let’s have a safe and happy 2020.

Beverly Trebesch,


It’s Merry Christmas, again, thanks to president

To the Editor:

Christmas was great again.

Everywhere I went, everyone was saying Merry Christmas instead of Happy Holidays.

Thank you, Mr. President.

Bob Haller


Complaints about liberals show off whine collection

To the Editor:

I thought Christmas was supposed to be a time of joy, but one Grinch James Minnerly took the opportunity to show off his whine collection. I think his soaked newspaper came from his own tears after reading his FOX News report.

If you don’t like liberals, you don’t understand the definition and goals. If you don’t like liberalism, stay off the roads and sidewalks. If your house catches fire, don’t call the fire department and if your home is burglarized, don’t call the police.

Like it or not, liberalism has been all around everybody for ages, as it should be. I hope you don’t get Social Security, Medicare, Medicade or SNAP because that makes you a liberal, but you can call it what you want.

Democratic socialism is the direction best suited for the benefit of the 99%. We have been under the thumb of conservative capitalism, which gave us the failed “trickle down economics.”

Well, that turned out to be a scam that we’re still using because it is designed to funnel money from the 99% to the 1%, which is the only outcome possible. It is that 1% that controls our government and that needs to change if we are to take back control. So when anybody demeans a liberal, in a way they are talking to themselves.

Robert Caiello


Thanks to the gentleman who helped with order

To the Editor:

As I shopped at the Publix at Pinebrook and Venice on Wednesday, Christmas Eve day, I was surprised as I was about to pay for my order that the cashier told me not to put my card in the machine.

I was quite surprised that a kind gentleman, in line behind me, offered to pay for my order.

I hope he sees this letter in the newspaper and that lets him know how much I appreciate his kindness. There are still such wonderful people in this world.

Ruth Pearson


Make sure to know rules on wellness checks

To the Editor:

We all have concern for our neighbors and friends, especially if we suspect they are in need of our help.

If we feel that be the case, please, do not enter their home. Even pushing a door open with the slightest of force is a crime. It is breaking and entering!

Regardless if you are an EMT or a nurse and think it is your moral obligation to enter a home, a police officer needs a warrant! Your moral belief will not holdup in a court of law.

I suggest you place your morals in your back pocket, do the proper thing and call the police. Breaking and entering is a felony and punishable by law.

Have a safe and Happy New Year!

Sandra Donnellan


Some seem happy about leaving climate accord

To the Editor:

On Christmas Day I was watching a short program on WEDU TV about global warming showing how the ice in the Arctic was melting and that a void underneath the ice has now been found. That is causing great concern to the scientists because it has never happened before and could mean that the climate crisis will become worse even faster than expected before.

On the same program, President Donald Trump was shown in the Rose Garden at the White House making an announcement that he has withdrawn the U.S. from the Paris Climate Accord.

There was a group of people sitting in chairs on the lawn and I was shocked to see how most of them seemed happy about this and were clapping. Not all of them were clapping but most were.

I was so angry and disgusted seeing how those people seemed happy, I could not sleep well that night. They must have absolutely no understanding of the climate, or maybe they don’t care because they don’t think it will hurt them. Well, they are wrong. They and Donald Trump must be removed.

Richard Coburn



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