What is important in your life?

To the Editor:

I have been reading the editorial page of the Gondolier for a long time now. Reading all the op-eds on Trump and Biden and finding many opinions distasteful and full of nastiness.

What I would like to ask everyone, including the politicians, when did we stop thinking of others, when did we stop being kind to our fellowman, and when did we stop thinking about what is really important in our lives?

Ask yourself; what is really important in my life? I hope it is not whether Trump or Biden won an election. Let’s face it, sometimes the Republicans win and sometimes the Democrats win. That is what our democracy is about.

Here is what I believe is really is important and matters in life. Who is going to be at your bedside when your life is ending? Who is going to remember you when you are gone and what legacy you will leave behind? Hopefully it will be the people you love the most.

That is what is important.

In fact, if you are lucky to live into your 90’s or even make it to 100, chances are you will not even remember who the 45th or 46th president was.

I was a grief counselor working in hospice for more than 25 years. Never once did I hear from a bereaved about loved ones discussing politics or current events as their life was ending.

What I listened too, which was a privilege, were the stories they told of their loved ones, the legacy left behind and wanting just one more day to hug the person they were missing.

So Democrats, Republicans, Independents and everyone else, stop for a minute and think about when you will be very old and your life is ending.

What will be important to you when you take your last breath, will it be who the president is or who will be holding your hand, whispering their love for you?

I know what I want it to be.

Deborah Geffen Jones


Congress: Vote ‘yes’ on For the People Act

To the Editor:

I am writing as a member of Greg Steube’s congressional district. I am a former U.S. Marine Corps officer, a Vietnam vet and retired high school teacher.

I demand that Representative Steube vote “yes” on the For the People Act. Large corporate donors to political campaigns have overwhelmed the importance of private citizen’s votes.

In this past election the importance of voting rights, gerrymandering, citizen funded elections and strong ethics reforms were on display. Misinformation in the Trump administration and repeated by weak elected officials resulted in conspiracy theories, false information and eventual violence.

The importance of empowering people to vote has been proudly established as characteristic of American Democracy and provides the guidance for our government to represent our interests.

I have been impressed with Rep. Steube’s response to my emails and demand that he vote in favor of The For the People Act. In these most challenging times truth in a representative democracy is essential to our health, wealth and progress as a nation.

We must continue to engage the support of voters in the democratic process — not special interests and corporations.

Robert Kain


Judge him guilty of crime

To the Editor:

Many Americans were heartbroken the day of the storming of the Capitol. I have firmly believed in the democratic process all of my life. We were brought up to believe in America and its values.

There is now nothing that can undo these acts by traitors. We came close to losing our democracy. There were bad people there that day. Not patriots and definitely not true Americans. They were traitors led by a lie. A lie that created division in our nation. The lie that came from one man that should be tried with every ounce of law we can thrust upon him.

He has destroyed his own political party and also the unity we had of being fellow Americans. It is my hope the people that judge in his trial find him guilty of his crimes against our nation. One needs to be held accountable so that order is maintained. You can’t let crimes go unpunished. Find anyone else that has been any part of this lie. Their deeds need brought up also and condemned.

The lies in our country will have lasting impacts if we don’t stop this conspiracy now. We now have enemies in our country. We are losing our republic every day this continues. Sad thing is most of the conspiracy is within our own government. Our leaders must engage in this battle. They need to grow backbones. Stop thinking on elections and money. The people that they serve should be first. Pathetic excuses for leaders.

Pamela Johnson

North Port

Trump’s misbehavior is never punished

To the Editor:

Well the Republicans have quickly given up the title of the law and order party, apparently enforcing the law only applies to brown people or gay people but the mostly white mob that stormed the Capitol, well its divulsive to discuss that, we should move on from that. Talking about that isn’t unifying, and various other sideways answers.

Remember when Trump was talking about mobs and looters and Democrats? Wasn’t the Capitol riot a mob? Wasn’t there looting? But he loves them. He said so in a tweet. The sad part is that this continues to go on with members of both houses fanning the fire to get votes and money and hold on to positions they are morally unqualified for.

The trial of Donald Trump must proceed . I would prefer it in a court of law rather than a Senate trail where almost half of the jurors have already made up their minds to acquit. This is the second time in four years that the Republicans have shielded one of their own from the consequences of their actions and just like a unpunished child the child will continue to misbehave until there are some consequences of their actions or some punishment meted out.

After the first impeachment Trump claimed he was vindicated. After the Russia investigation he claimed he was cleared. These actions without consequences just encourage his misbehaving. You wouldn’t raise your child this way. Shouldn’t we expect more from a ex-president

John Whitmire


President Biden acting like a dictator

To the Editor:

Hail Biden. We don’t need Congress any longer. We have dictator Joe now and his pen.

Goodbye America, hello communism. It’s such a shame. Trump had us on the right track. The only campaign promise Biden kept was raising taxes. Good job people.

Mary Calpino

North Port

Another witch hunt against President Trump

To the Editor:

I’ve never written a “letter to the editor” before, but in these trying times I felt I should be heard.

No group should be allowed to bar any citizen of the United States of America from holding public office in the United States. It’s totally un-American. What a way to kill off the opposition by enacting such a law.

The purpose of impeachment was to remove from office an individual not worthy to hold that office. Therefore, House Speaker Pelosi and Senator Schumer should be content that Donald Trump is no longer in office and halt those new proceedings. Otherwise it seems like a “witch hunt” for the demise of Donald Trump’s future public life.

What a waste of taxpayer’s time and money has been spent on these new proceedings of impeachment and further dividing an already divided country. Instead House Speaker Pelosi should direct the Congress to work on more pressing issues such as controlling the virus and the impending economic crisis.

Let the voice of all the people be heard. In future elections, as the past, let the people decide if a candidate is worthy of holding a certain office by their support of a candidate or lack of it, instead of an enacted law.

Paul Bohach

Port Charlotte

‘Election is rigged’ repeated and repeated

To the Editor:

The “election is rigged” is a long-standing Trump gambit. He first used it in the election of 2012 when Obama won a “rigged” election.

In early September 2016 Trump raised the “rigged” subterfuge again. It continued throughout the campaign. It was part of every campaign speech, accompanied by raucous cheers from his adoring, but unwitting, fans. Little did they know they were being conditioned like Ivan Pavlov’s dogs. Like the ‘brainwashed” Manchurian candidate they responded to mind embedded stimuli. They heard “election,” they thought “rigged.” They were played like a Stradivarius

It continued right up to the last minute. On the evening of the day before Election Day, when it seemed that he was going to lose the election, Trump called it a “rigged” election.

Trump won a “rigged” election. Evidently the election was “rigged” so that Trump would win.

Early in the 2020 campaign before a single vote was cast , Trump returned to his tried and true ploy. He banged away on the “the election is rigged” drum from September to the day before Election Day. He said it every day, many times a day.

On Trump’s unsubstantiated say so many people came to believe the election would be “rigged” is the truth. It was all part of Trump’s machinations. His fans ate it up. They did not and do not realize, to this day, they have been duped.

He told a big lie and repeated it often.

John J. Marshall


Executive order a slap against women

To the Editor:

The recent executive order from President Biden is a huge slap in the face to all women.

Women have fought long and hard for equality. Not that long ago, women couldn’t vote, own land, were stopped by a ‘glass ceiling’; we were considered second class citizens.

With one stroke of the pen, Joe stepped on the faces of all girls and women when he signed the executive order for LGBTQ, biological males to compete against women, use the same locker rooms and bathrooms. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.

Why did he do this? For votes of course. Votes mean power.

DNA says it all-fact.

A male’s (DNA) muscular and bone structure, heart size, bone density, fast twitch muscles; all an unfair advantage over girls and women — fact! LGBTQ athletes need a league of their own.

All women need to stand up and make their voices heard.

Judith G. Sheehan

Port Charlotte

Thanks to Trump for virus vaccine

To the Editor:

Does King Biden have one more pen left to undo everything President Trump did?

King Biden must tell the other NATO members to go back to pre-Trump days and pay what they used to pay. Then we can once again be the world’s piggy bank and we will make up the difference of billions of dollars.

Thank you, President Trump, for your hard work getting Big Pharma to produce not one, but two vaccines in record time. You have saved millions of lives. I received the first shot last week at Harold Park in Port Charlotte. So well organized and everyone courteous and professional.

Carol Murphy

Rotonda West

DeSantis has priorities out-of-wack

To the Editor:

Gov. DeSantis has made clear what his No. 1 priority is for the coming legislative session and it’s a doozy.

He wants a bill to punish Amazon, Apple, Facebook Google and Twitter for what he claims is discrimination against conservatives.

This is wrong on so many levels.

First of all, the legislation is a solution in search of a problem. According to a study by researchers at New York University, no anti-conservative bias exists. Quoting from that study, “The claim of anti-conservative animus is itself a form of disinformation: a falsehood with no reliable evidence to support it.”

Of course, with a pandemic raging and the economic havoc it has wrought on our neighbors struggling to make ends meet, one has to wonder why the governor doesn’t have any legislation that he considers a higher priority.

Finally, if DeSantis truly has it out for large profitable international corporations like Apple, Google and Amazon, perhaps he might consider removing the generous provisions of the state’s corporate income tax code that allow these companies to pay a pittance in support of Florida’s families, communities and economy.

With strong support from leaders in Florida’s House and Senate, this legislation is likely to move quickly toward passage. Just another example of the perverse priorities of Florida politics. Hopefully, Democrats in the Legislature’s minorities will be able to steer legislative action to measures that will benefit the majority of Floridians rather than appeal to the irrational fears of a few.

Mady Byrne Pennisi


Englewood roads need improvements

To the Editor:

Judging by the artist’s sketch the “improvements” on Dearborn include damaging the intersections. Roads are for smooth traveling. We should have learned our lesson when someone made money putting in fake brick crosswalks that were detrimental to Dearborn. Now there is another scheme for someone to make money.

Not just Dearborn fell victim to “improvement” at intersections. Driving towards Nokomis on U.S. 41 cars encounter an “artsy” intersection that is not smooth, though not as bumpy as Dearborn’s fake brick fiasco.

Communicating with CRA’s “locked”, but not “closed” office is hardly comparable to a public meeting

During times of need why are millions quietly being sunk into detrimental Dearborn schemes, when Englewood’s narrow two-lane roads’ edges need repair and the earth by them re-enforcement?

Jean Kathleen Ranallo



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