Venice: Be ready. They’re coming


I no sooner opened the paper this morning; but there’s the headline “Venice Municipal Pier is open.” Yippee!

Having not made any plans for the day, what better way to start but with a ride to the pier. Off I go before 9 a.m., a quick stop for my favorite cup of joe, and I arrived in no time.

I was surprised to see only a handful of people had arrived but I forget it’s Saturday morning.

The pier is everything the Gondolier described and then some. Fishermen were already testing the waters and the Brazilian walnut used in the refurbishment is striking. Pigeons were staking their claim on the railings and I expect the seagulls are soon to arrive.

As I enjoyed the walk to the end and back, I’m thinking of the enjoyment this will bring to residents and visitors.

The day was young and I traveled next to the South Jetty and on to the Farmers Market. It was now after 10 a.m. and Venice was awake. A generous gathering of market shoppers was present and the enticing smell of food was in the air.

My final leg of the morning was on Venice Avenue through the downtown shopping area. What a beautiful ride accented by a smooth new road, designated cross walks and award-winning landscaping (in my opinion).

Now, if we can only keep that nemesis (red tide) away, Venice may be on track for its best year ever.

Venice be ready. You built it and they’re coming.

Mike Clukey


Governor led during Hurricane Dorian


Thank you Gov. (Ron) DeSantis for your strong leadership and clear communication during the Hurricane Dorian emergency.

Two Democrat-leaning newspapers, South Florida Sun Sentinel and the Miami Herald, praised the governor for his immediate decision to resume inclusion of the media in briefings with the emergency managers in the Emergency Operations Center.

DeSantis was unaware of the previous policy and directed his staff to immediately allow access.

Gov. DeSantis has also reorganized the Red Tide Task Force with $4.8 million, which was inactive and didn’t have funding.

In addition, he signed health care bills to eliminate the controversial certificate of need to have a more free-market approach, initiated a structure for telehealth using services remotely, a requirement for health insurance to be sold to people regardless of pre-existing medical conditions, a program to cultivate hemp as an agricultural product, an anti-hazing law, and eliminate the confusing Common Core program to give local schools more educational choices.

As Gov. DeSantis continues this pro-Florida administration, Floridians’ will be safer, wealthier, avoid higher taxes, have a world-class education system, and experience constitutional law to retain liberty and justice for every Floridian. With Gov. Ron DeSantis in Tallahassee, look forward to proper leadership to solve long-standing issues in Florida.

Don O’Nesky



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