Fried pronounces her name correctly

To the Editor:

This is in response to the person who thinks that Nikki Fried hates her last name. I do not know much about the candidate, Nikki Fried, but I do know she is correctly pronouncing her own name. The writer is the one who isn’t pronouncing Nikki’s last name correctly. It is pronounced “Freed.”

“Fried” is a name of German descent. In the German language, when the combination of “ie” is in a word, it is pronounced with the long “e” sound. When the combination of “ei” is present, then the word is pronounced as a long “i” sound. This fact is one thing I learned when I took German in high school. Also, the surname “Fried” is in my family tree along with other German names.

Kathleen Bryce


FPL can help stop discrimination policy

To the Editor:

Did you know one of the biggest companies in Florida is a discriminatory company against small business and senior citizens and veterans.

I am talking about their air conditioning rebate program. The only way you qualify for their rebates if you use one of their “PIC” companies. This discriminates against small business because if you don’t sell so many air conditioners in a year you can’t be one of their PIC contractors.

They changed this policy about four years ago. At that time all companies was eligible for the rebate, but they stopped that practice because they were sending out too many checks every month.

I did my homework and selected a contractor to do my air conditioning for a price. When I asked about the rebate they said they are no longer in the program because they didn’t sell enough units to be in the program. I checked with two companies who are PIC contractors and one company was $1,800 more and the other company was $3,600 more. So much for choosing a PIC contractor.

This is nothing less than discrimination against small businesses and the consumers (seniors and veterans) who seem to shop around for the best quality and price for their money.

This discrimination must stop now, and bring back the rebates to all that qualify.

Again, Florida Power and Light, stop this discriminatory practice.

Larry E. Cluck

North Port

DeSantis’ actions are so hyprocritical


Mini-tyrant DeSantis wants to appear like a defender of freedom. He is a hypocrite claiming to be censored by Big Tech while passing laws that censor the citizens of Florida.

This includes unnecessary voting laws and limits on our rights to make locally based decisions. He squelched voting rights for qualifying felons and made it harder for Florida voters to add and pass amendments on the ballot.

His HB 1 is shocking, declaring open season on protesters by reducing penalties for hitting one with a vehicle.

DeSantis worked hard against public education under the false banner “freedom of choice,” but threw a bone to teachers in the form of a school reopening bonus. Now, he has denied teachers the right to teach the history that our newest holiday, Juneteenth, commemorates.

He has denied LGBTQ legislation and gun control measures but has established a Pulse Memorial Day.

He suppressed COVID statistics and applied police-state tactics against the whistleblower while touting freedom from mask-wearing.

His part in the cruise debacle contains elements of all his contradictory political maneuvering. His favoritism for Fox as his only news outlet is despotic.

He has received kudos for environmental spending that does not address Florida’s reliance on fossil fuel but looks good when compared to Scott’s.

Each decision is calculated to either protect him from scrutiny or cynically garner votes. His style of leadership is reactionary and piecemeal as he attempts to micromanage our state through suppression.

Belle Hollon



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