Our theater speaks, we keep waiting

To the Editor:

I’m patiently waiting for your return, being alone affects us all.

Missing sounds of laughter, children running up my stairs heading to theater classes.

Sounds of singing, tap shoes tapping, hilarious skits from Silver Foxes.

Brad saying, “it’s your other right foot, folks!”

Listening to Sandy and Kelly laughing in their tucked away office.

Earl and the scenery building guys hanging out in my green room telling jokes in between bites of cookies! Ha!

I miss Tim whose talent, creativity, hours of love to make me look so beautiful for every show.

John, Cindy, Lisa, all who light me up and give me voice.

What would my President’s Room be without handsome Mr. Eric.

Our ushers, who keep me tidy and treat our patrons kindly. Box office Barb doing her best to give you the best.

Mostly, I miss our awesome Loveland students. Their performance on stage, under the direction of Becky, Gina, and Lisa, make my walls spread to bursting with their love. Nothing can compare to what passes through these students, to the audience, and back again.

I can hardly wait till you return and fill me up with your love and laughter.

Amy Blake


Unprepared for work of vaccinations

To the Editor:

This Trump federal government administration shouted loudly that they were going to have millions of COVID-19 vaccinations ready with all the information and everything set up so that each state would be able to inject those vaccines into our arms and by the end of December, we would have 20 million people injected with the COVID-19 vaccination.

Well I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m one of those over 65 high risk citizens of the state of Florida who are supposed to be able to get one of those injections, but when I called into the Sarasota County official registration site on Thursday morning at the exact time they tell you to sign up, and find out that there were only 800 injections available, and within a minute of so all places were “sold out”…and then did the same thing on Sunday and then again on Monday morning with the same result, it made me wonder how well Florida, much less Sarasota County were prepared for this.

Twenty million injections? You have to be kidding me.

No way will we ever get to that level of vaccinations within a reasonable time unless someone who actually understands what it will take to make this work, grabs hold of the steering wheel and turns this pending catastrophe around and rights the ship.

Otherwise it’s only going to be another Trump and his bosom buddy DeSantis‘s massive foulup, and we are the ones who their inaction will hurt.

At the rate of 800 every other day or so, it will take years for those of us who definitely need the vaccination to even get close to getting one.

Ross Benjamin


Vaccination system is a free-for-all

To the Editor:

The state of Florida has foisted responsibility for vaccinations upon the 67 individual County Health Departments and with six months to plan what do we get? — a system that requires the elderly to participate in a general admission “free for all” through the use of a website and then just like trying to get tickets for a Rolling Stones concert they must keep refreshing their screen until that infamous message stating “Sold Out please try again next time” appears.

From the beginning the one thing that has become abundantly clear is that Florida’s Department of Health and their county operations are just simply not capable to do what is required.

It’s time to remove the politically controlled and underfunded local Health Departments from this and for a military styled operation led by proven professionals — not Walgreens and CVS — that understand the scope, logistics and patient limitations of which the most obvious is that tweeting or other electronic notifications and website access is not how it works for many in the most vulnerable age groups.

Understand that a person of average intelligence can be taught to do an injection in less than 15 minutes as it’s not neurosurgery; with an army of people doing injections under professional supervision along with proper aftercare (15 minute observation) this could get done.

For now, I just shake my head at how badly this is being handled, all the while trying to get my 91-year-old mother a vaccination appointment.

Paul Sloan


Some advice for President Trump

To the Editor:

When I was 8 years old, I played little league baseball.

After losing a close game I was walking home with my dad. I told him that we lost because the other team cheated and the umpires were unfair.

My father looked down at me and said: “No, you didn’t lose because the other team cheated and you didn’t lose because the umpires were unfair; you lost because the other team scored more runs than your team.”

We recently had a presidential election. There are some in Washington, much older than 8, who would do well to heed my father’s advice.

Stephen Martin


What’s going on, Mr. President?

To the Editor:

I used to think of Marvin Gaye’s hit song. Now I hear the U.S. president, ask the Georgia secretary of state to “recalculate” and find him 11,780 votes, in order to change the election results.

Can you imagine this very wealthy individual told his tax folks, in private and not over the air waves, that he wanted to pay only $750 one year.

Not too big a stretch. Expect that NY District Attorney Vance has been exploring for some time what has gone on. My oh my.....

Mike O’Leary


Steube actions not ‘honorable’

To the Editor:

A few weeks back, a group of congressmen supported the Texas attorney general’s efforts to overturn the “will of the people” in the presidential election. The Honorable W. Gregory Steube, representative for our 17th congressional district, was among those lending his support to this seditious action.

This past week, that same Honorable W. Gregory Steube voted against the National Defense Authorization Act, an act that among other things, bolsters efforts to fight foreign cybersecurity invasions and provides a much-deserved pay raise for the men and women who defend our country.

I think it would be very enlightening if the Venice Gondolier were to make a regular practice of reporting the votes of those who represent us in Congress. That way, for those of us who care about such things, we’ll have a much better idea of how “honorable” our representatives in Washington have been in living up to the oath to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.

Robert Clark


Hope for the new year

To the Editor:

My hope and prayer is that We the People will end the year 2020 with a clearer vision of our blessings and rights and responsibilities as citizens in the New Year 2021* and beyond.

*more mature

Roberta Somach


Merry Christmas to our debt

To the Editor:

Merry Christmas. Now for the bah humbug.

Our representatives vote to keep the flow of funding so another vote to press such to occur to keep the government open.

Our nation continues to accept debt. Years ago, it was indicated that such does not matter. How so? If I acquire debt, it is deemed not acceptable situation reflects irresponsibility, affects credit and purchasing availability.

Would not the same apply to this nation?

As a nation, the expenses are more than what is required in many households. Most individuals have little cushion in that financial area and that debt continues.

Another factor, the extensive salaries of many associated in government and the bail out of various institutions or in transportation areas while CEOs and commissioners pocket great funding amounts.

So the government votes to float more money to remain open yet restricts businesses after forcing closure and dependence for assistance.

More people become dependent on some assistance that path for socialism-communism widens. Shame on us for doing such to a fine nation.

So bah humbug — Merry Christmas.

Sheryl Armstrong


U.S. headed for misery

To the Editor:

I have written to you many times but this time I can honestly say that a Biden/Harris admin scares me to death. I think about what will happen to America and her people just makes me shake inside and I think at my age that I should not have to feel so terrified.

Why would anyone vote for them? What people think amazes me. Now I am one of those persons who sees someone as being too short of a dozen and then that leaves Harris. I only know two people who voted for them. How could Americans been so fooled?

You may think Trump as bullish but he put America and us first before anything else. For once we had someone who was proud of us.

He made this country great until COVID hit. To have a president proud of us and fight for us was a first. Please tell me the next four years will be good? The future of this country is in peril now. I feel it is headed for misery and tears.

Carol Leonard

Port Charlotte

80 million people say Trump is a loser

To the Editor:

To quote Gabriel Sterling, a top election official to the Secretary of State’s office in Georgia, “a 20-year-old contractor who worked for the voting machine called Dominion in Georgia has received death threats. The 20-year-old had a noose image saying he should be hanged for treason.”

You have a Trump campaign lawyer saying the “ex cyber chief should be taken out at dawn and shot.”

Now Trump is going to announce his 2024 election rebid on the day that Biden will be inaugurated.

Biden won the election with 80 million votes — 80 million people do not want Trump in the office.

Give it up Rudy and Trump. Quit trying to incite violence. Trump you are a loser and 80 million people said so.

Karen Bourland-Whyte

North Port

How will President Trump exit?

To the Editor:

Could the following be final episode of Trump’s four year “reality show?”

Shortly after Jan. 1, 2021, President Trump resigns, citing election fraud of monumental proportions that without question rigged the result. Vice President Pence takes the office of president until Joe Biden is sworn in on Jan 20, 2021, pardoning Mr. Trump from any and all possible future indictments by the U.S. Justice Dept. The result:

1.) Mr. Trump never has to concede.

2.) Mr. Trump does not have to appear at Joe Biden’s inauguration.

3.) Mr. Trump appears to be a patriot and hero in the eyes of millions of his followers for highlighting a need to reform our corrupt election procedures.

4.) Gives Mr. Pence an opportunity to show his undying loyalty to Mr. Trump, while becoming (albeit briefly) the president of the United States.

5.) Only jurisdictions other than the United States could ever take Mr. Trump to court.

End of drama. Lights fade. Curtain closes

Don’t rule this out. In the words of Donald J. Trump, “Let’s wait and see.”

Robert N. Philips


Let’s define conspiracy theory

To the Editor:

The phrase of the year — conspiracy theory.

The people who throw them out there know they are lies.

The people who believe them are gullible and naive.

The result is the biggest division in the democracy of this country.

Nobody ever uses the words conspiracy fact.

Two definitions of the word theory:

a) A system explaining something based on principles independent of the facts.

b) the sphere of abstract knowledge or speculative thought.

If people spent less time believing this garbage and more time looking at fact check perhaps the loud and vicious rhetoric would calm down and the people of this country could come together.

Peter Sanderson


Did illegal residents vote in election?

To the Editor:

If you are in this country illegally, you have no right to vote and tell us what to do. Yet, you are, because of your vote. Illegals who do vote are telling us indirectly how to run our country because you will have a voice on who is elected.

Politicians spend billions of dollars to get our vote and that includes the illegals. That is like someone else is running our country instead of just our citizens. I’m sure this illegal vote has a lot to do with winning or losing an election and they have no right to have a say in who runs this country.

Out politicians should be limited and each equal in what they spend. They spend billions and whoever raises or collects the most money wins the election. If they couldn’t raise that kind of money maybe e would be able to get honest people running for office.

Not all politicians are dishonest. We know a lot of honest ones, so let’s see we get all those that are honest putting America first and not their pockets or special interest people. Let’s keep America great.

Anna Spielhaupter

Port Charlotte

Disappointed in Trump supporters

To the Editor:

Disappointed and irate. People are still believing this self-centered jerk.

Republican he is not. I understand the need to stick up for party. This man is a con artist and proven liar. Really, hundreds of thousands of dead people voting, 10s of thousands votes hidden under a rock (big rock?), machines flipping votes. Conspiracy without proof.

Democrats are not evil. They are not anti-American nor “socialists.” They are your brothers, sisters, neighbors, friends. They love America just as much as you. We disagree and that’s OK, we debate and compromise. Yes compromise, we don’t all get what we want. Trump just wants it all his way. That’s a dictatorship and socialist.

Trump has been taking you down this road for four years. Shutting out Congress, trying to shred the Constitution’s checks and balances. Trying to create oligarchs, to keep power.

Trying to overturn a fair election by trying to order governors and legislators to change the outcome by throwing out votes he does not like. With bribery? Trump is using Putin’s playbook.

Just think about what he has done. Yes, he has thrown a few bones to the party, but look further past all the lies. He’s only out for himself always will be. He was not kidding when he said he would be president for the next 15 years.

Can it be that the 49% that voted for Donald, is themselves just self-centered, self-important people, that they can’t wear a mask? They only care about themselves. Disappointing.

Jeff Gram

Port Charlotte

Trump never cared about you

To the Editor:

Many think that fraudulent votes were cast only for President-elect Biden; none for soon-to- be ex-President Trump.

Recounts deliver unanticipated results. One Michigan county recount had Biden gaining 17 votes; Trump losing five.

“You Don’t Always Get What You Want “ (The Rolling Stones).

A basic principle of propaganda: If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. They don’t realized they have been propagandized.

Sir, did you get tired of winning?

Every time Rudy the rug rat opens his mouth, he drives another nail into Trump’s coffin.

What is Trump’s endgame? He would prefer to be the victim rather than the loser that he is. He wants to get his hands on the $200,000,000-plus he is raising.

Trump joins the ranks of the other 23 one-term presidents, an ignoble band of mediocre incompetents.

No Mount Rushmore for him.

Nero fiddled while Rome burned. Trump golfs while 2,000 Americans a day die from the coronavirus. He couldn’t care less.

Imagine an administration leaving office, not with honor, but with pardons.

Joe and Jane America do you think Trump cares about you. He doesn’t. He despises you.

Don’t you get it yet?

John J. Marshall


Biden doesn’t face tough questions

To the Editor:

Trump haters and the bias media touted Trump’s “heel spurs” to incite vets, yet ignored the fact Biden dodged the draft during Vietnam era. Instead, he was able to coast into a lifetime of mediocre politics, always toeing party line and becoming a multi-millionaire in the process.

His campaign consisted solely of blaming Trump for all the ills of the China virus from his teleprompter. The media never questioned him about a platform and censored shady dealings with son, Hunter. Neither Obama, Hillary, or Harris thought him fit to run, but ironically, he had to take as a running mate the one who had criticized his racist past to sway Black voters. His cabinet consists of lobbyists and has-been swamp creatures. He is merely a puppet that dances to strings pulled by a radical left for a socialist tax and spend agenda and if he stops dancing enough, they will quickly replace him somehow, with their darling, Harris.

Surely, he will try and take credit if warp speed vaccine works, if not, it’s Trump’s fault. He thinks he got a mandate because about half the voters opted for him (must be many “I voted” stickers on tombstones). The other half voting proved an old adage that you can fool some people, some time, but not all the people, all the time.

Ernest Swanson

Port Charlotte

If you care, wear a face mask

To the Editor:

I wanted to write a letter to you expressing my concerns regarding wearing face masks to prevent the spread of COVID-19. As a health care employee, I have witnessed many situations where people are still in denial that face masks help prevent the virus spread.

I have seen many patients suffer from this disease and unfortunately pass due to someone that was not following the safety guidelines. I have seen many people not wear face coverings or wear them in various styles: dangling from one ear, pulled down below the nose, or resting below the chin. These common mistakes decrease the effectiveness of masking and increase the wearer’s risk of catching and spreading the disease.

Many people who have COVID-19 don’t show symptoms but can still spread the virus through droplets that escape from the mouth when speaking, sneezing, and coughing. Scientists have proven that masking lowers COVID-19 cases, even in the long term.

It is crucial to protect not only yourself but everyone else around you. Wearing a mask is imperative to stop the spread of COVID-19. With the reasonable and prudent actions of 6-foot social distancing, wearing facial coverings, and exercising good hand hygiene, we can keep each other safe. We all have the responsibility and a role to play in controlling this disease.

Jannyre Diaz

Port Charlotte


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