Both Hanks, Cutsinger, are extremists

To the Editor:

RE: “County Commission candidates debate” (July 11), both candidates voiced their support for individual freedoms, including the right not to wear a mask in public, as well as their opposition to abortion. Putting aside the fact that telling women what medical procedures they cannot have seems contradictory to espousing support for their sovereignty, I certainly hope neither of these men call themselves pro-life. You are not pro-life if you sanction people infecting others with the deadly virus because they can’t be bothered to wear a mask.

Chris Hanks said “no government should be telling anybody to do anything.” Since it is the police that enforce the laws regulating behavior, will his first action, if elected, be voting to defund the Sarasota County Sheriff’s office?

Ron Cutsinger said “I think you can do a better job of spending your money than the government can.” Should we all build our own fire stations, schools, bridges, etc.?

Things just aren’t as simplistic as these two gentlemen would like them to be. Do I automatically lose my right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, simply because others refuse to act reasonably and as good citizens? Where do we draw the line? Some are perverting the quest for freedom into allowing selfishness and greed to rule and run amok, pitting American against American. I think it is indecent and unpatriotic.

I hope voters reject these and other extremists, and elect individuals who believe in improving, not destroying government.

David Stewart


Short letter about Biden, flag and national anthem

To the Editor:

Stand for the flag, sing and play our national anthem, and just say no to Joe.

Judy Brand

North Venice

Information was inaccurate about shootings

To the Editor:

A letter published on July 18, stated, “They (groups like Black Lives Matter) also fail to mention that more police officers die in shootings than do victims of law enforcement shootings.”

This is not just wrong, but wrong by a factor of more than 25. Any chance of closing the divisions in society on various issues must begin with everyone having the correct facts. Publishing falsehoods can only increase the divisions. Can’t you do some basic fact-checking to prevent such blatant falsehoods being perpetuated?

People shot to death by police officers in the USA number approximately 1,000 per year as detailed in this article:

Also, police officers in the USA shot to death number approximately 40 per year:

Thank you.

Nigel Searle


BLM, Antifa are not peaceful protesters

To the Editor:

I agree 100% with the letter written July 18 by Stephen Guffanti.

The killing of George Floyd was tragic and unlawful.

Peaceful protest is guaranteed under the Constitution by Black Lives Matter and others like Antifa are not peaceful protesters. They have a different agenda, rioting and burning and looting.

When will BLM start standing up for the women and children and working citizens of South Chicago, 26 dead, 78 shot, three children under the age of 9, dead. That’s just last weekend.

All Black lives should matter, not just the ones involving police. But no, the agenda for the media and BLM is to disband and defund the police.

I would like to see a peaceful march in Venice supporting all law enforcement. Without them, we could be the next Chicago or Seattle. I’ll be the first in line to march.

Richard Reitz


CNN says Trump lies, but what about Dems?

To the Editor:

Attention Republicans: I read in Letters to the Editor that “Trump tells lies” as a reason not to vote for him.

I suppose you should instead follow the moral compass of the Democrats, those pillars of honestly and integrity: Pelois, Schiff, Schumer, Ocasio-Cortez, et al. They don’t lie. Isn’t plagiarism a lie?

Also, if you vote Biden, you’ll support the candidate our enemies, China, Russia and North Korea are salivating to see in the White House. Biden has a 47 year lackluster career as a do nothing politician and as vice president for the most do-nothing president in U.S. history.

I verified all the “Trump lies” quotes from the writer, I found them on the CNN website, now they don’t lie, right? Of course, Obama never lied, or when he did, it was ignored, the media loved him, he could do no wrong. Clinton never lied either.

There is a 250 word limit on letters so I can’t list all the Democrat lies, not enough room.

If you want this entire country to look like the 30 cities that have Democratic mayors and that have billions of dollars of damages caused by domestic terrorism, then vote Democrat. These cities will be looking toward your tax dollars to repair all the blatant condoned destruction. Democratic mayors saw it as a financial windfall to do nothing to stop it and get lots of federal money to repair the broken deteriorated cities that they created during their long Democratic reign.

If you support lawlessness, terrorists, anarchists, Marxism, Socialism, Communism, vote Democrat.

In spite of all the lies, bogus investigations and constant turmoil caused by the Swamp People, President Trump accomplished the highest employment and economic success in the history of this country ... in three years. He will do it again.

John Ross


Ready for upcoming elections in area?

To the Editor:

Are we ready for the upcoming elections? Every day the standards of political rhetoric get lower and lower.

As U.S. citizens, our role in shaping the government to ensure it reflects our desires and functions accordingly to the guidelines of the Constitution has become a challenging undertaking. The 2020 elections get ever closer, but unbiased, factual information about our politicians is harder to find than ever – buried this year under one crisis after another and the partisan attacks that follow.

With, we no longer need to wade through the outrageous behavior of candidates in search of the facts.

It is the completely nonpartisan resource we need to vote responsibly this November. They take no funds from special interests. They just collect the facts.

In effect, they force candidates to fill out employment applications for the jobs they are asking us to elect them to.

When you search for a politician at you instantly see:

1. Every statement they have made in keyword searchable databases.

2. Every key vote listed by subject with descriptions of how that vote affected you.

3. How special interest groups have evaluated them.

4. Their positions on each major issue facing the nation.

5. Their major financial backers.

6. Their biographical backgrounds.

In short, you see all the information any employer would demand before hiring anyone for any other position. Instead of collapsing under the weight of our current political climate, let’s take action, educate and familiarize ourselves with the candidates and issues.

Diana VerHulst

North Port

Wear your mask, wash your hands

To the Editor:

It would have been great to read that Dr. Manuel Gordillo and Dr. Kirk Voelker (of Sarasota Memorial Hospital) also emphasized the importance of hand sanitizers.

Masks are vital, sanitizers are necessary at times though washing your hands is an explosive bonus.

I am hoping people wash their hands. Please wash your hands.

Beverly Trebesch


Stuebe sends false information on COVID-19

To the Editor:

My congressman, U.S. Rep. Greg Stuebe, sent false information to me on Sunday regarding COVID-19 deaths.

We are being lied to about COVID-19 deaths in Florida.

In the five days ending on July 25, the following deaths were reported by the Florida Department of Health: 79, 66, 48, 16, 11.

The actual deaths as reported by Johns Hopkins University were: 114, 118, 120, 121, 126.

I believe Gov. Ron DeSantis is intentionally deceiving us through the Florida Department of Health in order to do Trump’s bidding to open schools and businesses.

Please don’t believe what Republicans say: Wear masks, social distance and stay out of crowds. Florida deaths are still rising. Check Johns Hopkins for the truth. — Arnold Eick, Venice

We need mail voting to be allowed in November

To the Editor:

The impact that the COVID-19 pandemic is impossible to ignore — and in far too many states, it’s still getting worse. With more than 146,000 Americans dead and thousands of new cases every day, many of us remain concerned over the health and wellbeing of our families, friends, and neighbors.

But I’m also worried about the impact this crisis will have on our elections. After seeing how it impacted primary elections earlier this year in places like Wisconsin, Kentucky, and Georgia, I’m scared that this pandemic will jeopardize Americans’ ability to vote in-person this fall.

While some states are taking the necessary steps to help people vote safely, Congress needs to intervene and focus on what’s right for the American people in every state: expanding vote-by-mail and other voting options.

Congress must come to an agreement and provide states with emergency funding right now to ensure that every eligible American can safely cast their ballot through the mail, that they can register to vote online, and that any in-person polling places are safe for voters and poll workers.

We must protect every eligible voter’s right to have a say in who takes office.

That’s why I’m demanding that our representatives in Congress come together and provide economic relief for Americans and also ensure states have the resources they need to safeguard the 2020 election.

Nothing less than our democracy is at stake — and time is quickly running out. — Deborah Perrine, Port Charlotte

‘First they came’ poem comes to America?

To the Editor:

In 1934, former German Naval Commander Martin Niemoller spoke out against the tyranny of Adolph Hitler in the now-famous quotation beginning, “First they came for…and I did not speak out” and ending several sentences later with, “Then they came for me –and there was no one left to speak for me.”

When is Congress going to speak out against the tyranny of Donald Trump, whose uninvited troops are now in Portland, Oregon pulling citizens into unmarked vans? All that’s missing are the hob-nailed boots and a swastika. And these paramilitary, secret police tactics are being planned for many cities.

When is Congress going to put a stop to the lawless rampage of this man who would be king? This incompetent government tried to hide documents showing 18 states flagged as “red zones” in the pandemic — one of which is Florida.

When will Congress stop the continued attempts by this president to divide and conquer? Will they speak out before there is no one left to speak for them? — Barbara Buehring, Venice

New superintendent deserves new School Board

To the Editor:

Our new school superintendent deserves a new school Board. He shouldn’t be saddled with the current scandals, dark money and petty politics of Eric Robinson and Karen Rose.

Elect Tom Edwards and David Graham for a School Board that will support our new superintendent so that together they can work for our schools, teachers and students

They deserve no less. We deserve no less.

It’s time for a fresh start. — Nicholas Ciallelo, Venice

We failed in the simple solution to fight COVID

To the Editor:

It has been obvious for months that the virus is not going away. The virus is hibernating in thousands, if not millions of asymptomatic people in all 50 states, many of whom are young.

The lack of testing and contact tracing is a direct result of Trump’s incompetency.

Sending children back to classrooms will result in community spread and countless deaths. Trump has failed but there is a simple solution: A three to four week stay-at-home order for the entire USA followed by massive testing and contact tracing.

Only problem is Trump did not invoke the Defense Production Act to manufacture 1-2 billion test kits, increase lab testing accordingly, and fund contact tracing for all 50 states.

Trump is much closer to being an unstable idiot than a stable genius. — Bruce McGowan, Venice


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