Seat belt, DUI laws took years to enact in Florida

To the Editor:

I went to work for the AAA in Florida in 1972 and it took 14 years for the state of Florida to pass mandatory seat belt laws and 15 years to pass DUI laws and they only reluctantly did so because the federal government was holding back money to states that didn’t have effective legislation.

The state of Florida was never the first to enact any safety laws and were usually one of the last.

Thousands of lives are saved each year because of these laws and a big thank you you goes out to Irv Slosberg, a Florida legislator at the time, who made it his mission to pass mandatory seat belt laws after one of his twin daughters were tragically killed in an automobile accident where she was not wearing a seat belt.

Unfortunately, safety isn’t important to people until something happens and then they blame the government for not doing something.

Well, the Venice City Council needs to enact legislation now, not discuss it but mandate it. The wearing of masks reduces the spread of COVID-19; its science and shouldn’t be up for debate.

I am sure the citizens and tourists of the area will thank you.

Alan Carter


‘The Ten Recommendations’ from Venice City Council

To the Editor:

If Mayor Feinsod and the Venice City Council were to come down from Mount Sinai, they’d have the Ten Recommendations instead of the Ten Commandments.

I understand they all eat waffles for breakfast.

Don Pansch


Anger about COVID, Trump and Florida’s reaction

To the Editor:

I am angry with President Trump and Gov. DeSantis for not protecting the citizens of the United States.

Look at the lines of people waiting to get tested for COVID-19. Testing should have begun in February or March.

Remember when President Trump said everyone could get a test? Who gets tested several times a day and receives results immediately? Everyone around him gets tested, so he walks around in a big, safe, bubble.

Now he is ordering children back to school so parents can return to work and make the economy look good.

Have you no sense of decency, sir?

I did not expect anything better from President Trump after seeing his vicious attack on Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman. But Gov. DeSantis, I did not expect you would sacrifice the people of Florida, running to Washington to get your orders from the president.

Ignoring the guidelines for opening up, you went with the president’s wishes and opened early, now hospitals are full, people are dying and your mentor is sitting at his desk with cans of Goya beans on display ignoring the cries of the sick and dying.

I guess what he is saying to us is “let them eat beans.”

Have you no sense of decency, sir?

Rebecca Richman


Graham, Edwards best for School Board

To the Editor:

I disagree with Barry Dubin’s guest editorial.

I cannot help but be concerned that if Karen Rose and Eric Robinson are elected to the School Board, they will be pressured to not support the need for critical new educational material that must be added to educate our children about the changes in our environment.

The changes are due completely to the use of fossil fuels. Where are the huge donations coming from that they have received? How do we know that some of that money is not coming from people who do not want to see us stop using coal and oil and natural gas.

But guess what folks We absolutely have to. It is already too late to stop some very bad things from happening.

We adults are passing on a cruel legacy to our kids and grandkids. We should have listened to climate experts 40 years ago who warned us.

Having done some searching on the internet about the histories of Eric Robinson and Karen Rose, I have other concerns about them too. Think of your grandkids and please do vote for David Graham and Tom Edwards.

Pat Wellington


Patti ignores important issue in his debate

To the Editor:

In criticizing Kindra Muntz’ (July 5), Mr. Frank Patti (July 22) ignores the most important issue Ms. Muntz brought up.

The Florida Tax Credit Scholarship Program allows up to $1 billion per year of tax money to bypass the Florida treasury and go directly to private schools. This tax money that bypasses the Florida education budget is distributed by private, nonprofit Scholarship Funding Organizations.

The SFO’s distribute that money to private schools, including for profit private schools (and including schools that discriminate against and exclude students and teachers on whatever basis they choose).

This takes a tremendous amount of money away from public schools and undermines out public education system. Ms. Muntz’ point was that Tom Edwards and David Graham are both committed to protecting public education and opposing private school voucher programs.

Mr. Patti does not mention this most important point, but tries to turn it into a partisan political issue about PAC’s. He should be addressing what will strengthen our public education system.

Gene Dillahunty


Clever robocall from Robinson doesn’t win votes

To the Editor:

Last week I received a phone call... the caller ID said “Sarasota Memorial.”

Upon answering the phone, a recorded voice said that their records indicated that a recent hospital visit may have been the result of an accident. If I pressed 1, I would be connected to someone who would legally represent me to get the money I deserved from being a victim.

When I was connected, I asked the gentleman which law firm he represented. He immediately hung up.

I was a little surprised at how clever this robocall was. The legal community has never been adverse to chasing ambulances. Robocalls make this so much easier. This applies to car warranties, credit cards, IRS threats, health insurance, etc.

Sunday night, at 7:01 pm, the caller ID said that Capital One was calling me. When I answered the phone, the robovoice said I was invited to join a town hall meeting with Eric Robinson who’s running for a Sarasota County School Board seat.

By pressing 1, I could ask Mr. Robinson a question.

Who benefits from this political scam? Mr. Robinson or the Republican Party? I called this number this morning. An answering machine said, “This meeting is over.” Responding to my wife, Mr. Robinson said he hired a “vendor” to organize this town hall meeting. I didn’t know that Capital One is now a vendor for robocalls.

I cannot support any company, or politician who will lie to enter my home uninvited.

Tony Turlenko


Not picking up yard waste is unacceptable

To the Editor:

Mr. Jonathan R. Lewis,

We, in Venice Gardens, who phoned Sarasota County government were told that we would not be getting our yard recycle waste picked up for at least three weeks, maybe much longer, also we could take it to the dump.

This is unacceptable for me and all of my neighbors I had a chance to speak with. Waste Management Corp. is a billion dollar entity and none of us believe that they cannot find people to do this job with the thousand of Floridians in Sarasota County who are unemployed.

Waste Management revived tens of millions in government “bailout” money, this is their problem, it’s not our problem in Venice Gardens.

The only question we are asking ourselves, is does Waste Management Corp. work for us; or do we work for them?

Folks in Venice Gardens are not happy about this and it’s a breach of trust to not notify us about this; so we could have input.

Charles W. Rowland

Venice Gardens

Waste Management breaching its county contract

To the Editor:

Recent actions by Sarasota County Waste Management signifies a breach of their contractual responsibilities.

Yes, COVID-19 may be a convenience excuse however does not relieve them of their legal obligations. It’s up to the Sarasota County Commissioners and council lawyers to enforce this contract.

Assuming Waste Management is encountering labor issues, it’s their responsibility to sub-contract these services to third party vendors on their dime.

Why should we, the tax paying recipients, be inconvenienced due to poor management skills?

Secondly, they have audacity to request that we transport our yard waste to landfill and pay as well. This makes no sense.

Another potential solution would be placement of strategically located 30 yard dumpsters (multiple sites).

Participating residents could deposit their yard waste. It’s time for our County Commissioners to get tough and get off their butt.

Gordon Travers

South Venice

Both Hanks, Cutsinger, are extremists

To the Editor:

RE: “County Commission candidates debate” (July 11), both candidates voiced their support for individual freedoms, including the right not to wear a mask in public, as well as their opposition to abortion. Putting aside the fact that telling women what medical procedures they cannot have seems contradictory to espousing support for their sovereignty, I certainly hope neither of these men call themselves pro-life. You are not pro-life if you sanction people infecting others with the deadly virus because they can’t be bothered to wear a mask.

Chris Hanks said “no government should be telling anybody to do anything.” Since it is the police that enforce the laws regulating behavior, will his first action, if elected, be voting to defund the Sarasota County Sheriff’s office?

Ron Cutsinger said “I think you can do a better job of spending your money than the government can.” Should we all build our own fire stations, schools, bridges, etc.?

Things just aren’t as simplistic as these two gentlemen would like them to be. Do I automatically lose my right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, simply because others refuse to act reasonably and as good citizens? Where do we draw the line? Some are perverting the quest for freedom into allowing selfishness and greed to rule and run amok, pitting American against American. I think it is indecent and unpatriotic.

I hope voters reject these and other extremists, and elect individuals who believe in improving, not destroying government. — David Stewart, Venice

Short letter about Biden, flag and national anthem

To the Editor:

Stand for the flag, sing and play our national anthem, and just say no to Joe. — Judy Brand, North Venice

Information in letter was inaccurate about shootings

To the Editor:

A letter published on July 18, stated, “They (groups like Black Lives Matter) also fail to mention that more police officers die in shootings than do victims of law enforcement shootings.”

This is not just wrong, but wrong by a factor of more than 25. Any chance of closing the divisions in society on various issues must begin with everyone having the correct facts. Publishing falsehoods can only increase the divisions. Can’t you do some basic fact-checking to prevent such blatant falsehoods being perpetuated? At least, please, consider publishing a correction in the next issue.

People shot to death by police officers in the USA number approximately 1,000 per year as detailed in this article:

Also, police officers in the USA shot to death number approximately 40 per year:

Thank you. — Nigel Searle, Venice

BLM, Antifa are not peaceful protesters

To the Editor:

I agree 100% with the letter written July 18 by Stephen Guffanti.

The killing of George Floyd was tragic and unlawful.

Peaceful protest is guaranteed under the Constitution by Black Lives Matter and others like Antifa are not peaceful protesters. They have a different agenda, rioting and burning and looting.

When will BLM start standing up for the women and children and working citizens of South Chicago, 26 dead, 78 shot, three children under the age of 9, dead. That’s just last weekend.

All Black lives should matter, not just the ones involving police. But no, the agenda for the media and BLM is to disband and defund the police.

I would like to see a peaceful march in Venice supporting all law enforcement. Without them, we could be the next Chicago or Seattle. I’ll be the first in line to march. — Richard Reitz, Venice

CNN says Trump lies, but what about Dems?

To the Editor:

Attention Republicans: I read in Letters to the Editor that “Trump tells lies” as a reason not to vote for him.

I suppose you should instead follow the moral compass of the Democrats, those pillars of honestly and integrity: Pelois, Schiff, Schumer, Ocasio-Cortez, et al. They don’t lie. Isn’t plagiarism a lie?

Also, if you vote Biden, you’ll support the candidate our enemies, China, Russia and North Korea are salivating to see in the White House. Biden has a 47 year lack luster career as a do nothing politician and as vice president for the most do-nothing president in U.S. history.

I verified all the “Trump lies” quotes from the writer, I found them on the CNN website, now they don’t lie, right? Of course, Obama never lied, or when he did, it was ignored, the media loved him, he could do no wrong. Clinton never lied either.

There is a 250 word limit on letters so I can’t list all the Democrat lies, not enough room.

If you want this entire country to look like the 30 cities that have Democratic mayors and that have billions of dollars of damages caused by domestic terrorism, then vote Democrat. These cities will be looking toward your tax dollars to repair all the blatant condoned destruction. Democratic mayors saw it as a financial windfall to do nothing to stop it and get lots of federal money to repair the broken deteriorated cities that they created during their long Democratic reign.

If you support lawlessness, terrorists, anarchists, Marxism, Socialism, Communism, vote Democrat.

In spite of all the lies, bogus investigations and constant turmoil caused by the Swamp People, President Trump accomplished the highest employment and economic success in the history of this country ... in three years. He will do it again. — John Ross, Sarasota


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