Stop rezoning to help ‘cookie-cutter’ homes

To the Editor:

Stop..... Please, just stop it.

There are many people living in Venice who want to slow the construction of new condos, homes and hotels: Many would prefer it be stopped altogether.

Please stop rezoning to developers who build these overpriced cookie cutter homes, rake in the profits and leave us to deal with the congestion. I’ve read editorials from people living by Venice airport complaining about the noise….so why did they buy a home by the airport?

The builder who wants to develop that land by Fox Lea Farms has reduced the number of homes to be built from 118 to 105 (wow!!), and I bet, that within a year, those entitled homeowners will be complaining about the noise or the crowds attending those wonderful internationally recognized equestrian events.

I understand that the people who move here are first drawn by the quality of life that Venice offers, but by doing so in great numbers, they actually diminish it….they seem to want the area to adapt to their personal whims.

Years ago, shark’s teeth, even doubloons, could be found at Casperson Beach — now we worry about E. coli

Helen Decker


Letter was propaganda and talking points

To the Editor:

I am surprised that the new year was started with but one letter to the editor. What is disturbing is that letter is chock full of Russian propaganda and talking points.

I sincerely hope that this is not the direction this newspaper is heading, because in order to do so, you must betray the trust that you will respect honesty above all else.

I’d like to give a few notions about what I read. Most Democrats didn’t want Trump elected because he is dishonest, cruel, traitorous and dangerous. Don’t let the economy fool you — only the wealthy benefit.

Trump’s much-deserved impeachment is the first check on executive corruption in a long time. His crimes are many and most are serious.

Somebody tell Trump that executive privilege has limits — it is not intended to shield evidence of criminal activity, one of Trump’s favorite pastimes.

He is guilty of obstruction of Congress, extortion of a foreign leader, conspiring with Russia, campaign violations, theft of charitable donations, running a scam university, bribery of senators who may be jurors in an impeachment trial, over 15,000 documented lies and the list goes on and on and on.

Anyone who can support such an evil man deserves the suffering he and the Trumplican party will bestow on the nation, unless we choose otherwise in November.

Robert Caiello


Bolton needs to testify to find truth

To the Editor:

I want to know the truth.

I want to hear what John Bolton has to say to the American People during the Senate impeachment trial of Trump. We deserve to hear the truth, indeed, our democracy depends on it.

A trial without the relevant witnesses is an insult to the American people.

I do not want this trial to be a sham. That would hurt Republicans and make them appear as if they are hiding evidence for Trump.

If you believe as I do, that Bolton and others should be subpoenaed to testify before the senate, I urge you to contact the two Florida senators and make your views known.

The easiest way is via the website, though phone numbers are available as well.

Marco Rubio: 202-224-3121 and Rick Scott: 202-224-5274.

Ellen Higdon


Septic systems detrimental to area waters, beaches

To the Editor:

Christmas week brought yet another “no swim advisory due to bacteria contamination” for Nokomis and North Jetty beaches.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize that the contamination is the result of outdated, unregulated septic systems on the coast of Casey Key.

So now we are plagued with red tide caused, at least in part, by statewide lawmakers bowing to corporate polluters’ demands to reduce or remove regulations to protect our waterways.

These situations negatively impact the tourism industry as well as the quality of life for Florida residents. When will it be enough for residents/taxpayers/voters to demand accountability and action on these important issues?

Sandra Gadzia



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