Facts instead of fantasy

To the Editor:

I would like to thank the editorial staff for printing three letters on July 3 allowing your readers the opportunity to view actual fact based and fantasy letters.

The first “fact” letter made the statement “Biden is the U.S. president not Trump”. Something easily verified and apparently known by every court that entertained the big lie legal action, except state Sen. Gruters and his followers.

The next “fact” based letter was chock full of easily verifiable “facts” like: The wealthy U.S. Sen. Scott whose company Columbia/HCA was found guilty of a $1.7 billion health care fraud scheme and got the largest fine ever at that time, yet he vetoed any expansion of Medicaid for Florida citizens.

The next “fact” one of our D.C. representatives supports the rioters of Jan. 6 by voting to stop the peaceful, lawful, truthful transfer of power.

The next “fact” and very disturbing another of our representatives is being investigated for sex trafficking and engaging with a minor for sex.

There were a few more but you get the picture, all “facts” and easily verified.

Now to the fantasy letter: “The disrespect Harris and Biden has shown to our great military is sickening” what actual fact is this based on? Perhaps a cursory view of the military budget he submitted would enlighten the writer. “But of course Hunter is free to do crack and make money with his father and the Russians.”

Apparently the writer doesn’t know what an addict in recovery is.

The writer has the families and fathers mixed up — here’s Eric Trumps quote from a 2014 interview: “Well we don’t rely on American banks. We have all the funding we need out of (wait for it) Russia.” Actual fact that is ignored.

Finally the statement “All the countries are laughing at us” if the writer took the time she would have realized every article written in the U.S. and the rest of the world about our allies laughing at us were between 2017 and 2020, a fact.

In closing again thank you for unknowingly allowing your readers to see what a fact is and fantasy. Like the late senator from N.Y. Daniel Patrick Moynihan said: “You’re entitled to your own opinion but not your own facts.”

Larry Basta


We all have freedom of speech

To The Editor

I am 82 years old and was a member of the generation that was required to serve our country with eight years of our lives.

I volunteered and served three years active duty, three years active reserve and two years inactive reserve. I then received a Honorable Discharge which hangs over my desk at home.

That was my duty, this is my country, I have no regrets.

I don’t always believe that as a country we do the right thing but we as a country have done more right than wrong.

I read Catherine Baxter’s letter last Saturday and find it totally unbelievable that some supporters of President Biden cannot just accept the fact that he won the election.They do not believe this because Donald Trump still has a following who believe that even though Trump may have had some flaws, his primary concern was for the people of the country and he worked every day for them.

I have been threatened by a woman, one of the Biden supporters, in my own driveway. She said and I quote: “I’ll shoot you before you shoot me” — a thought that never entered my mind. She said this because she objected to a Trump banner that I have hanging in my garage. So much for free speech.

My service and the service of my three uncles, who served during World War II, I feel helped guarantee Catherine’s right to say or believe anything she wishes.

However that right also belongs to us, the people who support the ideas and actions of Donald Trump.

This in the end is our great country and we all have the right to free speech.

Vito Caiati


Ziegler fighting Marxist theory

To the Editor:

What was Ziegler doing on national TV? If you really wanted to know, a competent journalist would simply ask her. But your editorial raises more questions about your narrative than about her position on the issue of critical race theory.

Perhaps she wanted to make clear that she would not seriously consider such a divisive Marxist theory being taught in our classrooms, with taxpayer dollars, now or in the future.

Your raising the question the way you did seems to be an attempt to silence the majority of parents and officials in Sarasota County who might address this issue in the future.

Brian Allen


Fuccillo was great for community


There are times when people of diverse professions shine and, I feel, need a little recognition.

“You either loved him or hated him,” as I recall was proclaimed of the car dealer Bill Fuccillo, who recently passed away.

Huuuuge, in his sales pitch gained him notoriety; a handle that apparently caused people to connect with his dealerships. Sales of 500 cars in one day and over 2,000 in one month might be the envy of any competitor who would be overjoyed with those results, maybe even for a year’s sales.

Yes, we endured the pitches of “free car for a half-court basketball shot” and “cruise with Huge.” Arrogantly domineering in his commercials, but a gentleman when he shook my hand at an outdoor restaurant setting in Buffalo. His obituary addressed him as a giving, generous man, donating to local causes and food banks.

The news is full of chest-beating “lifetime politicians” and how well they have served and benefited their constituents, albeit with taxpayer dollars. Seldom acknowledging the Bill Fucillos — business driven, job provider, entrepreneur and huge corporate, real estate and tax base payer.

Charles Woodworth


Don’t be gullible

To the Editor:

“We all know” or some variant thereof, is the earmark opening gambit of a letter that’s about to make some unverified claims or, more to the point, spew outright nonsense.

Some deluded writers have jammed the following claims under the rubric “We all know”: the last presidential election was stolen, the last president was competent and honest, the CDC is putting out false information about the pandemic (as opposed to the unassailable medical information promoted by the My Pillow guy), and that President Biden oversees a global cabal determined to sexually exploit children, fill our cities with murderous, slavering immigrants and to take away “are” freedoms.

Facts, verification and objective reality mean nothing to these pitiful people. If they believe it, then it’s a fact. Doesn’t work in math or science, but apparently it does in the Trumposphere.

I’m over being appalled by the willful ignorance and gullibility of some of these mushy-brained Trumpaholics. They live in an world that neither I, nor anyone with a lick of sense, recognizes.

I would request some of whatever it is they’re smoking, but I don’t think it would be an enjoyable high.

John R. Butler

Port Charlotte

Ignoring Biden’s bad news

To the Editor:

Well, I guess the good news for the Biden administration is that there is no border crisis, and Hunter Biden is not in any trouble, since none of the mainstream media, including print and network TV, are reporting it.

Wouldn’t it be nice if all world problems could be resolved so easily.

Just don’t cover it.

Raymond Allain

Port Charlotte

Oil independence hurt

To the Editor:

I, among others are trying to understand the letter claiming Trump supporters do not make sense.

You seem to believe that it is hunky-dorey for Biden to shut down the Keystone pipeline on his first day in office, which kills thousands and thousands of Americans jobs? All oil goes to refineries, so we should not work cooperatively with the country next door to America? We can send money to Russia, l who you lefties have excoriated for years as our country’s biggest enemy?

You do realize that all monies that the “government” has come from United States taxpayers? Why stop good paying American jobs and take taxpayer money and give to ensure we will be dependent on oil from those who pray for “Death To America.” We have been finally become energy independent and now we are supporting those who are not allies.

Is that what makes sense to you Lefties?

Jan Crooks


Free fruit not good enough?

To the Editor:

I am somewhat annoyed and disappointed with the people who cry they can’t find food for their families while unemployed or underemployed (due to COVID?) but they are unwilling to take the trouble to pick free fruit when offered.

I have a tree producing delicious Jamaica cherries and I can’t keep up with them myself. I have told people I meet and left word with a church food program but nobody is willing to pick the fruit for themselves.

How can you claim you are “desperate” to feed your family due to unemployment but you can’t pick free fruit for yourself?

I also offer greens and a limited supply of home-grown sweet potato or Seminole pumpkin. Aside from what I have picked and delivered to the church programs, no takers. This kind of makes me a little cynical.

Michael Knowlton


Support your local police

To the Editor:

Lawlessness, gun violence, and other violent crime are spiking throughout our nation. We are bombarded with daily reports of drive-by shootings, road rage shootings, and random attacks on innocent people and business establishments.

Could this all possibly correlate with the defunding of police doctrine that is being pushed by the Left?

This attack on law enforcement is not the norm; it is being pushed by BLM, MSM, and the Left. What we are experiencing is the result when police power is curtailed while hostile citizens express hatred toward them. It is an escalation of violence.

Contrary to what we are told about the bloodbaths occurring in many of our urban centers.

Protests, demonstrations (albeit, mostly peaceful), and riots encouraged by BLM, Antifa, and many Democratic controlled urban centers continue to undermine the authority of law enforcement.

The Black Lives Matter movement may have been a good concept at first. Then they received funding and donations. The leaders bought themselves homes and luxuries while doing little for their own people.

Communities throughout the country are now minimizing the consequences of committing crimes in the name of racial justice. In an attempt to appear neutral, many of our prominent public figures remain silent as this crime wave soars.

America has always had the least biased justice system in the world. Proactive policing can help prevent crimes. Want to stop crime? Enforce the law.

Support our police.

Lloyd Stilson

Port Charlotte


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