Thanks for all Americans

have done for Australia

To the Editor:

As an Australian with dual citizenship with America, I want to sincerely thank the people of America who have come together to show their concern for the people and animals effected by the fires down under. You are truly the best of the best.

Children have held lemonade sales or collected money one way or another to show their feelings for the animals who have suffered terribly, be it death or injury. It is truly inspirational to have these children involved in sending money to Australia for their cause.

Then there are the Inmates at a Florida jail sewing cloth pouches for orphaned marsupials, my thanks to them for wanting to be part of helping the animals in Australia.

Again In Pennsylvania, The Handwork Studio in Narberth hosted two free workshops in which volunteers of all ages created comfort items for orphaned and injured animals. These acts of kindness are so appreciated.

To those who have donated to help out Australia through such a really rough time, I can tell you Australia is deeply appreciative to know they have your back. Thank you all for what you have done in Australia’s time of need.

I know there are other countries who have helped out also, but as I do not know the complete list, it would be best for me just to thank them also rather than naming a few.

Three of your finest gave their lives for the cause also, U.S. firemen, who made an enormous sacrifice in their efforts to assist the Aussie firemen, mostly volunteers.

I am heading to Australia end of this month visiting Melbourne, Gold Coast and Cairns to catch up with family. While I there I will be writing letters to their newspaper singing your praises. This is the least I can do to express my appreciation to all those who were so generous in one way or another.

Shirley Mezori


Pelosi should be spanked for throwing tantrum

To the Editor:

Well we all saw Nancy Pelosi throw a tantrum at the State of the Union message delivered by our president.

She has now resigned herself to the role of a marionette with her strings being pulled by the members of the squad.

Her behavior was appalling. Just right for a 6-year-old child who didn’t get her way and thinks that her obscene behavior will get a different result.

What she really needs in a good smack on her bottom. If she acts like a spoiled brat, she should be treated like one.

Dick Rock


History: Socialism is as American as apple pie

To the Editor:

I’ve heard the word “socialism” used by some as a swear word. The intention is to discredit Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren. It is also used to smear liberal ideas like the Green New Deal, suggesting a connection between socialism and communism. Yet when the Soviets seized power in Russia in 1917, their initial victims were not the capitalists, it was the Socialists they hunted down first.

I wonder if many of these critics know the history of socialism in America. How socialism gave us the eight hour work day, the five day work week, the 40 hour work week, overtime pay, collective bargaining, Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. Are these things dangerously un-American? Who wants to eliminate them now? Who thinks these programs are wrong-headed European nonsense?

I wonder if these critics know some of the greatest presidents of the 20th century promoted socialist programs, including Teddy Roosevelt (national health care), Franklin Roosevelt (Social Security and collective bargaining), Lyndon Johnson (Medicare and Medicaid) and Barack Obama (who finally gave us national health care). How many “real Americans” in retirement are willing to give up their Social Security and Medicare out of their sense of moral outrage over socialism? Not me, I’m grateful for these things. Don’t let fear and anger overtake your sense of what is fair and good for all of us.

Finally, those who are concerned about socialism in America should consider that many believe our current president is a Russian puppet, at least since 2001 when Putin gave a bankrupt Trump $6 billion to keep his buddy afloat (source: The New Republic for July 13, 2017). Russia, while no longer promoting the broken-down religion of communism, remains a corrupt dictatorship led by murderous oligarchs.

Is pandering to a murderous dictator like Putin more American than socialism? — Dennis Higdon, Venice Gardens

Reasons not to support Trump presidency

To the Editor:

The reasons why I do not support Donald Trump’s presidency:

• Everything that Trump stands for and does daily is in opposition to what my parents stood for and did on a daily basis.

• Everything that Trump stands for and does daily is in opposition to what my faith directs me to stand for and do on a daily basis.

• Everything that Trump stands for and does daily is in opposition to what true leadership instructs me to stand for and do on a daily basis.

How we see ourselves and our role in society is how we will judge Donald Trump’s presidency.

Bishop Sheen stated “Civilization is always in danger when those who have never learned to obey are given the right to command.” — Ronald Courtney, Venice


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