Venice Regional does deserve compliments

Recently I had an unexpected bout with severe stomach pain. This began a journey starting with Sarasota Urgent Care and progressed to an emergency stay in Venice Regional Bayfront Hospital.

While in the urgent care center, I was given a choice — go to: Sarasota Hospital or Venice Hospital. Without hesitation, I chose Venice. Our family has stayed there in the past as have I, all with positive experiences.

The purpose of this letter is to commend the staff, doctors, medical teams, nurses and administration at Venice Hospital. Help was made available at every turn and my needs were amply met. My semi-private room — with no roommate — was spotless. Additionally, the required surgery was a big success — which is actually the desired result.

Please extend my compliments and thanks to specific individuals who bent over backward to help in a time of need.

Dr. Patel and PA Courtney Werner

Nursing students from SCF: Sheryl and Jessica

Nursing leader: Dennis

RNs: Ming, Suzanne, Rachel, Gilles,

CNA: Yolanda

My surgeon: Dr. Willkomm and Surgical Associates of Venice — A+

Hospital management: Bridgette Bortz and Donna Boatwright

Many negative stories have been written about Venice Regional Bayfront Hospital. My particular experience was just the opposite. Thanks to Venice Regional Bayfront Hospital for a job well done.

William F. (Bill) Aubuchon,


Upcoming election about changing council culture

The upcoming election has taken on great importance. Much has been written about changing the culture of the Venice City Council.

I believe the best way to create this change is to vote for and elect Debbie Sanacore to Council Seat No. 5.

Debbie is her own candidate, beholden to no one, an independent thinker.

She is employed as a code enforcement officer for the city of Venice. She knows the business of our city. She listens to all sides of the issues she deals with, and makes fair and impartial decisions ... and will carry this ethic to the Venice City Council after her election this November.

I strongly urge your support of Debbie Sanacore for Venice City Council No. 5.

Suzanne Dodge


We’re unaware of subtle changes to environment

We are so overwhelmingly busy these days that we are unaware of subtle changes being made to our local environment.

The wild nature of our West Coast is being taken away from us in small increments. The culprits, I believe, are big businesses — Publix, Walmart and Brit Mariner, LLC, of Scottsdale, Ariz., owner of Winn-Dixie/T.J. Maxx shopping plaza.

The Sept. 7 Letter to the Editor “Is wildlife too messy to intrude in our world?” noted the destruction of the osprey nest of over four years’ duration in front of the Venice Winn-Dixie/T.J. Maxx plaza on U.S. 41 when new light fixtures were installed. Also in question was the configuration of the light fixtures — black iron looking very much like vultures with their wings spread. The new Publix in Osprey also has these same light fixtures.

Also of note, the Venice Walmart has destroyed sparow nests in their Garden Shop by filling their ceiling cubbyholes with material to make nesting impossible.

Is sharing our space with the wild coming to an end? Will we have to pay to go see our native birds and animals in zoos and theme parks, etc? While all big businesses make charitable gifts that get tax write-offs, why not give charity (the cleaning up after birds) at the local level — maybe a real kind of charity.

National Audubon Society asks us to “please speak out for the birds.” I’m trying. Will you?

Jane Moskowitz Mack,



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