VENICE — Round two of hiring to staff the city’s new ambulance service is underway.

The city put out a call for applications at the end of the year. The takeover of the service from Sarasota County occurs Oct. 1.

During the debate about starting city ambulance service Fire Chief Shaun Carver said the county told him applicants would be scarce. Instead, he told the City Council in November, he received more than 40 applications for six positions and ended up hiring more because their qualifications were so good.

Seven will be sworn in at Tuesday’s City Council meeting.

The city has also entered into contracts for ambulances, equipment and supplies.

Candidates for a position need the obvious qualifications: high school diploma; paramedic and firefighter certification; driver license; familiarity with relevant computer programs; ability to pass a physical examination at any time.

The starting pay range is from $45,262 to $61,000 for 50-hour week but the job notice states the “position has the potential to be brought up to $84,000 with progression and available specialty pay, depending on assignment and eligibility.”

All new hires are on probationary status for one year.

Candidates must complete an application at or in person in the city’s Human Resources Department at 401 W. Venice Ave., Venice.

Interviews will take place in early February.


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