VENICE — When Venice Applebee’s manager Stacy Jones got a tattoo in August, it was to pay off a bet with his staff about a fundraiser.

The one he got Wednesday was also related to a fundraiser, but not a bet.

“It was something I felt like I needed to do,” he said as artist Georgia Wood inscribed a cookie on his left forearm.

First, though, she inked the name of the artist who designed the tattoo: Kinsley.

She’s a 5-year-old girl whose foundation raises money to help kids with cancer.

After she lost an eye to the disease earlier this year, she asked her dad to build her a cart so she could sell cookies and use the money to buy iPads, blankets and glasses for kids undergoing treatment.

Jones agreed to let Kinsley set up her mini-cart in his restaurant for a fundraiser on Sept. 13, and then let it stay there the rest of the month.

The foundation raised about $3,000 on the 13th, when Applebee’s was so busy it was “slammed,” Kinsley’s mom, Kim, said.

The total take is “easily” $4,000 now, she added.

“It was the best fundraiser we ever had,” Jones said.

It eclipsed the $3,239 raised in August for Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation. A tattoo of a lemon with a palm tree, a ribbon and an apple is Jones’ reminder of that event.

Kinsley said she liked her cookie design better.


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