The Most Amazing Sunset at the Pier in Venice, Florida

This photo will be on a billboard in a major U.S. city in the near future after local photographer Liesl Walsh's work was chosen by Fine Arts America for the honor.

Local photographer Liesl Walsh will soon have a photo she took of the Venice pier appearing on a billboard in a major U.S. city.

She earned this honor after an artistic jury from Fine Art America chose her photo from among 2,500 images that were submitted from around the world.

“I am very honored and grateful to have been chosen,” she said.

The photo is titled “The Most Amazing Sunset at the Pier in Venice, Florida.” More of Walsh’s photography, including more photos of Venice, can be seen at:

As for the story of how she got the photo that Fine Art America chose, here is how Walsh described that early evening:

“My husband Mike and I were at Caspersen Beach taking photos right before sunset. I was totally engrossed in trying to get a really good photo of the beach, and my husband noticed there was an opening in the sky right above the horizon.

“He knew once the sun came below the clouds, the sky could turn into bright colors. So he said, ‘The sky is going to be amazing. Let’s go to the Venice Fishing Pier now!’ So we rushed over, and I was able to get there just in time to capture a few photos of this amazing sky right before it disappeared.

“I am so happy we rushed over and am thrilled how this photo turned out. I love the composition and the mood. I would have never gotten this photo without my husband.

“This has become one of my most popular images of Venice.”


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