VENICE — A business owner off Commercial Court on U.S. 41 Venice Bypass pulled out a gun Friday during an attempted robbery in progress.

According to a Venice Police Department arrest report, the owner arrived at his business on Progress Circle off Commercial Court during the lunch hour when he noticed a woman sitting inside a gated area in her vehicle in close proximity to two of his work trucks.

When he approached the woman, he saw his business cards in her lap.

Out of fear for his own safety and suspecting she was armed or there may be an accomplice, the victim took out his pistol.

The woman, later identified as Haley Albert, 31, of Nokomis, handed the victim his business cards, then threw the vehicle registration at him before attempting to flee the parking lot in her vehicle.

According to police, she nearly hit the victim and knocked over numerous planted pots as she headed towards the exit, but another employee blocked the gate with a van.

Police arrived moments later and discovered the suspect has two sets of truck keys in her vehicle matching the work trucks.

The suspect told police she found the business cards and registration on the ground and was going to do a good deed and place them in the mailbox. But she couldn’t explain why she was there in the first place, or how she came into possession of two sets of truck keys.

Inside the suspect’s vehicle police found a baseball bat and knife with a fixed blade about 8 inches long. In Albert’s pocket, police found a small folding knife.

Albert was arrested on two charges of burglary and criminal mischief, and possession of another person’s ID without their consent.

While searching Albert’s vehicle police found a small black bag pointing to another burglary. The bag contained a checkbook and business cards from a local salon that were inside a vehicle located a few doors down at another nearby mechanic’s business on Progress Circle.

Inside the Sarasota County Jail, Albert said the bag was hers, and later said she didn’t know how the checkbook and ID from the salon got in the bag.

Albert was additionally charged with a third count of burglary and possession of another person’s ID without their consent.

Bond was set at $20,500.

Albert has a previous convictions in Sarasota County for drug possession and grand theft auto.


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