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A month-long investigation into alleged meth dealing from a recreation vehicle ended in the arrests Wednesday of two area residents.

Gilbert “Larry” Langford, 39, and Tamara Poole, 58, both of Vamo just north of Osprey, face a variety of charges.

Authorities said a search warrant suggests the two were trafficking methamphetamine.

Detectives focused on Langford after receiving information that he was — again — selling the drug from an RV parked at a residence in Vamo.

It’s the third time law enforcement has arrested the defendant involving drugs in his RV, authorities said.

Investigators said a confidential source exchanged 6.5 grams of meth for $500 recently. Special Investigation Section detectives later recovered the meth.

On Wednesday, detectives executed a search warrant on the property in Vamo. More than 27 grams of methamphetamine was recovered in Langford’s RV, according to investigators.

Inside Poole’s home, another 432 grams of the drug were found inside Poole’s purse, authorities said.

Langford initially said the meth was someone else’s; later he claimed it was for his personal use.

Langford was charged with two counts of trafficking in methamphetamine. Poole was charged with one count of trafficking in methamphetamine more than 200 grams.

Both remain in custody at the Sarasota County Jail without bond.

According to Sarasota Clerk of the Courts records, in February 2018, a confidential source led deputies to make two undercover purchases of meth from Langford out of his RV at the same Vamo address. He was charged with two counts of sale of methamphetamine and found guilty. He was sentenced in February 2019, receiving six months in jail, and 12 months probation.

Langford was also arrested in mid-April 2018 for possession of meth and marijuana. In that case, the Sheriff’s Office was carrying out a search warrant on another individual at numerous locations, including Langford’s RV. Langford was found guilty for possession of meth and marijuana and placed on probation.


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