Four fugitives from Adams County, Ohio, are back in jail after being apprehended in Venice.

Three were arrested by Venice police early Thursday morning. A fourth was picked up by Ridgewood Avenue off the Venice Bypass by a Sarasota County deputy.

Venice police were investigating a vehicle theft when all four occupants fled on foot. One was caught near the McDonald’s on the Bypass, while two others were picked up by police near Home Park Road.

According to a Highland County Press (Ohio) report, Highland County Sheriff Donnie Barrera issued a public alert late in the evening on Nov. 4 after it was discovered the four inmates escaped from the Adams County Work Release Center, a detention facility located at the Adams County Airport.

On Nov. 7, deputies from the Highland County Sheriff’s Office went to a building near the Adams County line, after gaining permission from the owner. Inside, deputies found items believed to belong to the escaped inmates, reported the Press.

All four inmates, who walked off Sunday night, were serving time on misdemeanors including one inmate who had only 11 days left to serve, according to the Press.

It’s not known why they traveled to Florida.

Apprehended were Christopher William Tolle, 30, and Dustin Sowards, 33, both from Peebles, Ohio, Randy Knight, 21, of Manchester, Ohio, and Chasen Tyler Young, 18, of Willmington, Ohio.

All four are being held at the Sarasota County jail awaiting transportation by U.S. Marshals back to Ohio.


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